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Ark Universe

BPZ The Second Blood War

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Many tales speak of The Blood War, the worst conflict the multiverse had seen. 
The Blood War was an ancient conflict that raged between the fiends of the Lower planes. The two main sides of the war were the demons, inhabitants of the evil plane of chaos of the Abyss, and devils, representing the equally evil but lawful realm of the Nine Hells. Neutral evil yugoloths played both sides against one another.The Blood War had raged on since the Age Before Ages, a dark time when the Prime Material Plane had not fully developed. The conflict was massive, spanning entire planes of reality, and hosting an almost infinite number of fiends. 
There was a prophecy that said that the Blood War would end when the Crawling City, a city on the plane of Gehenna that was home to millions of yugoloths, directly entered the Blood War.However, once Asmodeus regained his divinity by absorbing the divine power of Azuth, he professedly ended the Blood War by pushing the Abyss to the bottom of the Elemental Chaos in the World Axis cosmology.Thus, for the inhabitants of Realmspace, the seemingly eternal Blood War finally came to an end at the hands of the deified archdevil Asmodeous, with the devils thus victorious in a manner of speaking.[14] However, this apparent victory was regarded across the multiverse as no more than an uneasy truce....


The Land of Illios had a violent history. The 6 Nations had never known peace, with constant wars that ranged from small conflicts to grand campaigns. However, 300 years ago, peace was attained through the actions of many diplomats and the desire to stop the cycle of violence. So, the 6 nations of Illios lived in peace for those 300 years as the worlds economy and technology grew to new heights. However, the mages of all nations started to notice something and once confirmed fear set in: somehow the Abyss was moving towards the Nine Hells. The moment they notice they were immediately contacted by the General of the Demon Army, Tyl Regor. He laid his terms. They were to be silent on what they observed. More so, the countries would each produce a hero and create a small strike force to send into the 9 Hells and take down Bazlefor Castle, for it had a crystal that would spot the demons advance far in advance soon. They had 100 years to get it done, or the demons, denied their surprise attack on the Nine Hells, would attack Illios. There were no negotiations, and with that Regor cut the connection and sealed Illios off from the outside worlds. 95 years had passed. The countries had produced their hero, trained them by the best and most skilled and gave them the best they could offer. Now, it was time to send them into Hell, to save their world. They had  5 years to get form the 1st floor down to the 5th and destroy the crystal. Then The Blood War would resume...


This is the base setting for my campaign that i would love to run with my BPZ Family, AKA you guys. It doesn't matter if your new or experienced I'll take all. The soft cap is 6, however if the support is high it could be increased to 12. The more the merry( and the harder i can make the combat) To make a character simply use this


For stats you can use the 27-point buy system or you can roll for them.( For newer players 27 point by is more rounded out but dont excel in much whereas rolling is more high risk high reward.) If you are in and/or need help making or understanding the game i have a discord made simply comment your in and you will be invited.More information will be posted soon such as the countries names, the map and more info on the time period and history? 


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