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Name: Jack Castle

Age: 33

Strong Traits: Intelligence, Survival

Weak Traits: Composure, Teamwork 

Personality: Lone wolf, doesn't work well in groups. 

Height: 6'3

Weight: 180 pounds

Built (Skinny, Jacked, Fat, Average): Average

Short backstory: Jack has lived alone after his family was killed by a group of zombies. This had led to Jack becoming a true survival expert, but also led to him being distanced from the rest of society, having been alone for years by now. 

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Name: H.R Pufnstuf

Age: 40

Strong Traits: Strength, Able to make connections easily, can mimic the sounds of animals

Weak Traits: Not a fast runner, doesn't take kindly to someone working against the group

Personality: Friendly

Height: : 7ft1 

Weight: 470 lb

Built (Skinny, Jacked, Fat, Average): Strongman build

Short backstory: From a foreign island brought in and sold for combat. Pufnstuf  spectators have called his strength similar to large creatures such as the feared grizzly. Is able to gain the trust of others through his persistent friendly demeanour 

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Name: Mikey

Age: 17

Strong Traits: Reaction time, decision making, social

Weak Traits: Pretty physically weak, indecisive, arrogant

Personality: Likes to talk with others and make friends, but definitely has a confident/arrogant side. And despite his social ability, Mikey enjoys to work on his own to figure things out

Height: 6'0

Weight: 160

Built (Skinny, Jacked, Fat, Average): Skinny

Short backstory: Mikey was an average high school kid, just trying to get through the experience. He was relatively popular and successful in school but was really nothing special. That all changed with the zombies, who eliminated everyone around him and left him on the run and alone.

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