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How To Post A Picture On A Thread

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Ok everyone I have decided to create a few 'help threads' as people seem to be having some technical difficulties using the forums. This first one is on how to post a picture on a thread.


There is two different ways this can be done. The first option is to use the "image" icon from the toolbar.



Once you click on this icon a box should appear asking you for a "URL".





To add your image it is as simple as right clicking your photo and hitting "Copy Image URL" and pasting that into this bar as shown above. Once you hit "OK" your image should appear. 


Please remember you can only get the image URL if the picture is already on the internet. If it is not you can still use this method by downloading a program called "Gyazo" which is free. 


This is the link ----> https://gyazo.com/


Once you have done that if you click on this program it will come up with a cursor. Drag this around the image you want anywhere on your computer or on a website and it will create a link with your image. Again right click the image to get the "Image URL" and paste it into the bar above. 


For example, after dragging the cursor over the image i wanted this was the link which was created on my internet browser.




Then all you need to do is hit right click and copy and paste the 'Image URL' into the box which comes up when you press the image icon on the toolbar.




Now the SECOND way to post your pic on the thread is to use the "Attach Files" button which you can find by clicking on "More reply options". Then you should see the option to attach files at the bottom of your reply box.







All you need to do is press "Choose files" and select the picture you want off of your computer where you have saved it to. 


You should then see a bar come up with your picture as shown below. You will notice the button "Add to Post"

Click that and a link should appear in your post. When you hit "Post" It will appear as a picture.








Hope this helps if you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the friendly staff =)

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