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BPZ: Take Me Out!

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Hey Guys and girls! So in this thread you will comment which girl on the forum you'd 'take out' or a date and why. You must give a clear and valid reason and not be biased. e.g. Do not NOT pick someone like keeley or Leah just because they have boyfriends equally don't not pick BellaFan7 or JaydeJericho just because they are single.

In addition, boys who have girlfriends on the forum CANNOT pick their girlfriend e.g. (BrendenPlayz or Shadow!) girls can comment who they'd date as well.

Lastly, please have fun and no one take this seriously, it's just friendly harmless banter. Comment name of girl and reasons why. You may change your mind when you like but you must put a clear answer for your change.








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Jayde,as we have seen she is pretty quiet so it would be nice to go on a date without having to hear every story the girl remembers.


Shes that quiet she wudnt even say a word. What a boring date. Cudnt get more awkward.

Baby you chose the wrong girl. 

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Guest Smith

Which ever one would actually go out with me. Hahaha... I'm lonely.

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