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WWE Universe Mode: #37 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! It's time to finalize Wrestlemania. Tonight, we will have two big matches to determine our championships matches for the big event. Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin to determine our number one contender's for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Plus, Buddy Murphy, Sheamus and Austin Theory will fight it out in a Triple Threat match to determine Robert Roode's Intercontinental Championship opponent.
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All Elite Wrestling: "Back Together Again" #19

After spending the last couple of months fighting alone, tonight Hangman Adam Page will finally reunite with his tag team partner Kenny Omega as they take on Proud 'N' Powerful. Will the former champions be able to coincide to defeat Santana and Ortiz?
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NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its NXT TakeOver: WarGames! Discuss it here!
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NJPW World Tag League 2020

The winners of World Tag League will set themselves up to challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Titles at Wrestle Kingdom 15!
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FM2020: 2020/21 Simulation [SIGN UPS ARE OPEN]

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Recently I have been playing a lot of Football Manager in my spare time due to the fact there has been a new release of a database which allows me to play in the current season that started last weekend. There is also the fact that the Amazon Prime documentary about Spurs has got me in a mood to play as them and do better hence why I’m in my second season at the moment. This will differ from my 2006/2007 sim for 2 reasons being that every player will start at the age of 18 because that is real wonderkid territory and there is also the fact I will not be adding a club limitation meaning that you will be able to play in any club’s system in the world. Maybe some of you will make it unlike the last sim where it seemed like George was the only one getting exposure,I might get back to that diary at some point but for now this will do.





Height in cm.



Role/Play Style: 




1. Normal Keeper: Sticks to Positions

2. Sweeper: Roams positions 



1. Normal: Balanced. 

2. Ball Playing Defender: Focuses on playing the ball out to teammates and clears the ball well.

3. Limited Defender: Focuses in stopping attackers. 

4. Sweeper: drops behind the line and makes the goal saving tackles and blocks. Is exceptionally good at backing  up his other defenders. 



1. Defensive: protects back line and closes down well

2. Deep lying playmaker: operates in the space between defense and midfield. Makes pinpoint passes to attackers. 

3. Ball winning: Focuses on closing down on opposition 

4. Anchor man: central piece of Team, is very balanced in passing and tackling.

5. Half Back: Is between a sweeper and a DM. He dribbles less and golds his position.

6. Regista: Risky passes and roams from position.

7. Roaming playmaker: dribbles more, roams from position

8. Normal CM: Holds position and closes down more.

9. Box to box: roams from positions and contributes to both defending and attacking.

10. Advanced playmaker: operates more attacking, makes space to receive passes. 

11. Attacking Midfielder: gets further forward and makes chances for himself and other strikers.

12. Trequartista: Operates In attacking midfield. A more attacking Advanced playmaker. 

13. Enganache: the prime creator, And is the main focal point of most attacks.

14. Shadow striker: the teams main goal scoring threat. Moves into goal scoring position. 



Full back: implements defensive duties with overlapping down the wings 

Wing Back: Same as full back using overlaps on wings, but normally fits on teams with no other wingers.

Limited Full Back: Knows his strengths and weaknesses, and focuses more on a defensive side.

Complete Wing Back: Loves to Attack, His natural inclination is to attack and be overlap for the other wingers.

Inverted Wing Back: The inverted wing back, acts like a normal wing back but can cut inside and make runs through the center.

Wide Midfielder: Performs all duties, can launch cross from deep and can play quicker cross as well.

Winger: aims to beat the man on the outside and run at the defence, before putting in some sort of cross.

Defensive Winger: Aims to press the opposing full backs and wins the ball higher up the pitch.

Wide Playmaker: the source of creativity for the team and not expected to make too many tackles.

Inside Forward: Aims to cuts inside from the flanks and run directly at the defence, crossing less often.

Wide Target Man: The main outlet for clearances and long balls from the back, he is asked to hold the ball and pass it on to a teammate.

Raumdeter: Especially good at finding pockets of space to run into. Literally meaning “Space Investigator”



Deep-Lying Forward: Main function is to link the attack to the midfield. Drops into space and passes the ball to the strikers ahead.

Advanced Forward: Main goal is to Lead the line, and spearhead the attacking moves.

Target Man: Opens up space for his fellow attackers, using his physical and such.

Poacher: Sits on the shoulder of the last defender, looking to break the line, and play through  balls. Main aim is too put it in the net.

Complete Forward: Balance of all four previous roles.

False Nine: An unconvential lone striker who , creates a problem by dropping deeper into the midfield similar to the Deep Lying Forward.


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