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BPZ Divas Championship

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I've started thinking recently about the addition of a Divas title to the BPZ forums. Before everyone goes crazy I'm aware that there aren't that many divas on this site anyway and that it takes a fair few to make a title mean something but the divas we do have are big enough to make the division a success and potentially allow other divas to join in hopes of winning the title.

Others may start saying 'oh well Keleey will win the title every month anyway so there's no point' you can't be certain who would win the title and even if that was the case I would be fine with that. Not just because she's my bae but because it gives everyone else a chance to take a stand and become better people.

However, the divas title WOULD stay in the hands of one of us Bella Twins for its eternity no matter which one of us it is.

What I'm trying to say is, you boys may think this forums for you and that we aren't capable well honey you haven't seen anything yet.

We need a Divas title.


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Guest Smith

Sure isn't there only 3 active girls though kinda hard to have one

4 actually.

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Guest Smith

In other words, get rekt.

I don't get it, who's getting the rek?

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Nice to see our divas getting competitive, I wanna see some slapping and cursing at each other but since you're friends with Keeley now I don't think I'll see that from you two.

You girls could also run for the tag titles ;)

uhm...the tag titles don't exist anymore

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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