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After spending the last couple of months fighting alone, tonight Hangman Adam Page will finally reunite with his tag team partner Kenny Omega as they take on Proud 'N' Powerful. Will the former champions be able to coincide to defeat Santana and Ortiz?
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Smith backs away from the set camera as Sameer steps up towards it. The view of Rangitoto Island looking magical in the background of the video. Sameer lets out a huge sigh before beginning to speak to the camera as his brother Eli Smith watches on what he has to say. 

With Bad Blood upon us, Smith and I normally are always training within the few days left before the Pay Per View. However, we couldn't resist seeing the sight of Rangitoto Island. I mean you all can just see for yourselves. Now, it's no secret that I go into Bad Blood with probably one of the biggest tasks to check off. Which is defeating Jeremiah Flynn and Julius. I USED to respect both of these two men. Let me make it clear that one of them has lost all of my respect. It's no secret who it is. 

Whilst Jeremiah Flynn has become apart of our brotherhood the man that he stands within this tag team championship match is someone who sickens me to my stomach. Julius is a man that I trusted with my life at one point believe it or not. It feels like it's been ages since he stood beside us, it's been almost a year since it was him, Bart, Eli Smith and, myself going to war together having each other back against Bulletproof.

It almost feels like it meant nothing to him especially when he went on live television and said he'd plunge a blade right through my guts. It doesn't matter how much of a better athlete you are then me. It doesn't matter that you've kicked almost everyone's ass in this company. What matters is that you don't have the heart and passion that I have Julius.   

I don't want this message to be looked at in the wrong way. Whilst you were apart of our brotherhood, it was probably one of the best times, traveling the world together, and kicking ass. You even came to be before the biggest match of my career and gave me the reality check that I needed and who knows maybe I wouldn't be Undisputed Champion if not for you. You and I were in the main event of SummerSlam last year. I'd be a fool to think you are the same man that I faced back then. All these months away you must've been training your ass off while everyone thought you were sitting on your couch watching the footy game and having a drink. 

I'm the best wrestler in this company right now and I think all the gold that I possess is just evidence of that. I've been the best wrestler of this god damn year and there's no arguing that. I've worked back to back matches, pulling double duty whenever I had to. I've elevated the Intercontinental Championship just like I said I would. You want to rip my head off Julius? That's fine because the way I see it, I am the most wanted man in this company right now and that's for good reasons.

Nevertheless, me being the at the top doesn't mean I won't show the passion and resilience as if I was fighting for my career just like I was at BPZMania. Jeremiah Flynn, Eli Smith, Julius, Sameer, all four former World Heavyweight Champions. All top names in the company there's no doubt that we will have a spectacle in the ring. At this point, all I wish you two is the best in the war at Eden Park.

The scene ends with Eli Smith and Sameer doing the iconic Creed fist pump with their chains clearly visible on them. As they face yet another challenge for the Tag Team Championships. 


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