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All Elite Wrestling: "End of Year Awards" #31

In the new episode 2020 comes to an end and with that, we will crown the Wrestler of the Year among many other awards. Can AEW pick up any major awards as we continue to prepare for our New Years Smash PPV?
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"Upstaging Rivals" WWE Universe Mode: #41

The road to Wrestlemania continues in Episode 41 of WWE Universe Mode as we will see Bray Wyatt face Daniel Bryans opponent from last week Jeff Hardy in single's action. Can The Fiend defeat the same man that his Wrestlemania opponent beat?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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Report: WWE Cancels Raw Underground

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Raw Underground has been noticeably absent from Monday Night Raw for the past couple of weeks. WWE initially opted not to tape any segments for September 28 because of the latest COVID-19 outbreak within the company, but the shoot-style fight club failed to return on October 5 or October 12. 

Fightful Select noted in late-September that Raw Underground hadn't been cancelled, but WWE appears to have changed their mind since then. Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Raw Underground "for right now is considered done." The company is reportedly worried about another coronavirus outbreak and have decided to keep NXT talent and main roster Superstars apart as much as possible. As Performance Center trainees and outside extras were featured in the crowd and in the ring, the decision was made to cancel Shane McMahon's concept. 

What this means for the likes of Riddick Moss, Dabba-Kato and Arturo Ruas remains to be seen. All three Superstars were featured prominently on Raw Underground, but if WWE will use them on Raw is currently unknown.  


Source: Cultaholic

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This had potential, but personally I think it would've been better having their own hour of RAW with the fighting. I wonder what they do with guys like Arturo Ruas and Dabba-Kato, who weren't doing anything special down in NXT so hopefully they get some TV time on RAW. Yeah but as Bailey said, it was just poorly executed and not many people cared after the first few weeks.

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As Austin and Bailey have said, it was a cool concept. But I think having it feature without much consistency to it, as well as the mixing of rosters made it so it was doomed to fail from the beginning which is a shame as it highlighted names we've not seen much of. Maybe when the Pandemic cleans over, it'd be good to return.

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While the concept was cool I have to agree with everyone here and say it's a good thing it got canceled, like Sheridan mentioned though I'd love to see it come back once COVID-19 stops being a problem as it can be something to differentiate Raw from Smackdown and NXT and add something truly unique to the Raw shows.

Also I feel bad for my boy Dabba-Kato this was the good way to introduce him. Hopefully he gets to still be used.

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was a fun concept but wasn't utilised in a good way at all. I could've seen it as a Bloodsport type thing, and I did like how they introduced Arturo Ruas and Dabba Kato in here (two guys who probably won't be used at all) but yeah as everyone said it just wasn't executed as well as it could've been. Oh well.

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