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All Elite Wrestling: "End of Year Awards" #31

In the new episode 2020 comes to an end and with that, we will crown the Wrestler of the Year among many other awards. Can AEW pick up any major awards as we continue to prepare for our New Years Smash PPV?
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"Upstaging Rivals" WWE Universe Mode: #41

The road to Wrestlemania continues in Episode 41 of WWE Universe Mode as we will see Bray Wyatt face Daniel Bryans opponent from last week Jeff Hardy in single's action. Can The Fiend defeat the same man that his Wrestlemania opponent beat?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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NXT Takeover: WarGames 2020 Discussion

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Date: December 6th 2020
Location: Capital Wrestling Centre, Orlando, Florida.
Match Card:
Women's WarGames -- Team Candice vs Team Shotzi

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Men’s WarGames- Undisputed Era vs Team McAfee

WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020 results, live streaming match coverage -  Cageside Seats

Tomasso Ciampa vs Timothy Thatcher

NXT TakeOver: WarGames preview - An Impressive Feat - Cageside Seats

North American Title Match- Leon Ruff(c) vs Damian Priest vs Johnny Gargano

NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff vs. Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano  (Triple Threat Match) | WWE

Strap Match- Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes

9 HUGE WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020 Predictions You Need To Know – Page 5


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2 days before my birthday! NXT Wargames have been some of my favorite matches of the past few years and with the quality that NXT has been producing since NXT Takeover 31, I am hella excited for this. Its going to be weird to see a wargames match with no crowd, and we probably will not see as high risk of spots but it is still going to be pretty cool. I am glad we are getting both a womens and mens version, and I am glad we get to see Team Mcafee in action. 

I don't know who Finn Balor is going to face just yet, if Leon Ruff is still NA Champ I am glad we are probably going to get a nice triple threat. Excited for this Takeover

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Its that time of the year! WorrrhhhGahhmmsss! Looking forward to all of these matches. Not watched much wrestling lately but can't wait to see what they get up to tonight in that dual ring. Thatcher Vs Ciampa is going to be fantastic, Thatcher producing several clinics so far in NXT (Riddle, Balor) and I'm not quite sure who will win this one, on one hand it could elevate Ciampa and get him going while on the other hand it could make a star of Thatcher who recently has faded a little since the Riddle feud. The North American title match is going to be fun. Leon Ruff is a fantastic worker and I feel has done his job to perfection since winning the title. I'd like to see Priest win as i'm a big fan of him and feel he shouldn't have lost to Johnny and now is his time to get it back. Anyone but Gargano...

The women's wargames match looks great, possibly even match of the night. Love to see Shotzi Blackheart in the spotlight again with yet another main role in a big NXT show, I see her as a certain future NXT Womens Champion and enjoy her work very much. Glad to see Ember getting back into it and really hope she can have her fun and relive her happiness she had during her first NXT run; I feel she's really fortunate to have her wish granted in returning to NXT. This will be Rhea's send off, scary thought for a big Rhea mark but I think she'll succeed on the main roster...Please. Io Shirai is gonna kick ass and prove yet again why she is the best women's wrestler I know of. Although there is no major title matches on the PPV, glad that at least Io is involved while Balor still recovers?

The men's wargames match is the climax of what has been an interesting feud. Not the biggest fan of Pat McAfee really as his mic work could be improved on. Glad the Brit-Am brawlers are having their spotlight as they're excellent wrestlers however I wish they were something a bit more than just McAfee's henchmen. I remember for just one or two weeks of NXT they did vignettes for the pair where they sat in a pub and it was priceless, I want more of that. Pete Dunne is a prodigy and I think people forget just how good he really is. This built different ripped Pete Dunne will soon be contending for the NXT Championship I feel. Undisputed Era are without a doubt the greatest stable in NXT history, I love all four of them and they are all prime examples of top wrestlers. Kyle O'Reilly is my favourite. Not only does he out perform the rest in the ring but he's also hilarious. This PPV is worth staying up for.

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