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How To Change Your Background - Game Theme

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Changing you background on the 'game theme' is very similar to the 'dispersion theme' with only a few slight changes. Firstly you need to click "Edit my profile" as seen on the right hand side below. Of course to just remove your background you can simply click "remove customizations."




Next you will see a screen which looks like below. It is important to go to the left hand side and click on "Profile Customization" as seen below.




After this all you need to do is either choose a file or copy and paste the URL link in the bar above. Both of these options are explain in the thread "How to post a picture in a thread." Of course you can always remove your customization's by clicking that button on this screen also. 


I have found that you need a background which is a repetitious pattern in order for it to work, however, it is simply a matter of trial and error of what works for your background and what doesn't. The new addition to the themes coming shortly called "Dispersion" has made this process a lot easier to use.








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