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All Elite Wrestling: "AEW Revolution PPV" #40 (TEW2020)

After months of build, it's finally here, AEW Revolution! This show will feature the anticipated match between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, The Inner Circle vs The Young Bucks and MJF vs Sting and much more!
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"Murphy's Law" WWE Universe Mode: #44

The final RAW before Wrestlemania! Brock Lesnar will be in action, plus Becky Lynch versus Ruby Riott! Our Main Event will be Buddy Murphy teaming with AJ Styles to battle Robert Roode and Samoa Joe. Who will have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania? Find out in this episode of "WWE 2k20 Universe Mode".
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Wrestlemania 37

The long journey to the biggest show of the year has nearly reached its destination. WWE WrestleMania 37 is almost here, and given the circumstances, this should be one of the more memorable editions of the "Show of Shows" that we've seen in quite some time. Streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Sakura Genesis

With the New Japan Cup behind us, we now head to Sakura Genesis. Ryogoku plays host to the spring spectacular for the first time since 2018, as cup winner Will Ospreay does battle with Kota Ibushi in the main event for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.
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BPZ University: American Football (Year 1)

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BPZ University: American Football

"South Alabama has suspended their football team after becoming the lowest graded team in the college history. As a result, Sun Belt has added BPZ University to their division. The dean of the college, Brenden, said he is very excited about the expansion. Jo Nathan has been revealed as the head coach. Jo was a back-up quarterback in the NFL for the Pittsburg Steelers until accepting a coaching gig at his home school in Ohio. He has named Arrow Belichick as his offensive coordinator. Arrow is the son of Bill Belichick, a well-known head coach in the NFL. The defensive coordinator is Hunter Bryant, the grandson of former Alabama head coach, Paul “ Bear “ Bryant. The team is currently looking into recruiting a full team before the season starts."

Basically, I wanted to create a college football diary. Please create at least one character. Sign-ups will be open forever. I'm also allowing everyone to be able to create up to 4 characters (one for every grade).



Age/Year in college:

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds):

Skin Tone:

We are good on QBs for now.

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  • Senior Moderator

Name: James Ropati

Position: RB

Age/Year in college: 19, Freshman

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 5ft 10/215lbs

Skin Tone: Brown

Name: Nicolas Ropati

Position: WR

Age/Year in college: 20/Sophomore

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'1/212lbs

Skin Tone: Brown

Name: Jerome Ropati

Position: WR

Age/Year in college: 21/Junior

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds):  6'3/220

Skin Tone: Brown

Name: Steven Ropati

Position: TE

Age/Year in college: 22/Senior

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'6/265

Skin Tone: Brown

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Name - Deion Sanders Jr. 

Position - CB 

Age/college year - 22, Sophomore ( RS ) 

Height & Weight - 6’2, 205lbs 

Skin tone - Brown 

Backstory - Son of famed NFL CB Deion Sanders he has already demonstrated a natural talent for the defensive side of the ball in High School however does lack some of the finer points of football and often goes 4/10 when catching the ball thus far making him better at deflecting the ball and being a deterrence to the QB however is willing to work with WRs to improve his catching, has stated he wants to surpass his father’s legacy. 

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Name - Calvin Jones 

Position - FS 

Age/year - 23, Junior 

Height&weight - 6’4, 225

Skin tone - black 

Younger brother of Falcons star WR and Alabama legend Julio Jones, never possessed the same catching ability as his older brother but is a very dangerous defender with the speed to catch up even with the likes of Jaylen Waddle and John Ross, was however out of his Sophomore season with a fractured ankle marking his first football related injury ever, now time will tell what his future holds. 

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  • Jo Nathan changed the title to BPZ University: American Football (Year 1)

Name: Andy De Luca

Position: LB

Age/Year in college: Senior

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'3/223

Skin Tone: Olive

Name: Michael Thomson

Position: RB

Age/Year in college: Junior

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 5'11/208

Skin Tone: Pale

Name: Sam Reynolds

Position: WR

Age/Year in college: Sophomore

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'1/210

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Name: Joshua Kennedy

Position: CB

Age/Year in college: Freshman

Height/Weight (Feet/Pounds): 6'0/185

Skin Tone: Tan

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Week 2: BPZ (0-1) vs Northwestern (0-1)


BPZ gets their first win in the university's history! Bailey Justin was named the Offensive Player of the Game after picking up 5 touchdowns. Four, of which, were through the air. The final score was 23-45. "This is exactly what we expected from the team. If we continue to play like this, we can actually win some championships," Head Coach Jo Nathan stated.

We were able to speak with Bailey Justin who had some things to say. "We played really well on offense today," he proclaimed. Bailey only missed his targets 8 times out of the 28 attempts. 2 of those missed opportunities were picked off by opponents. "I don't blame myself for the interceptions. Arrow Metcalf needs to work on the route running. If he went the way he was supposed to, I would have been perfect." DeAndre Hamilton plaid 3 snaps where he connected with Jerome Ropati for 10 yards, overthrew a pass to Arrow and threw an interception. We asked Bailey how he felt about DeAndre. "He can play. That's for sure. This just isn't the team for him. This is my team. I'm cool with him getting snaps. He just needs to know his role. If I was him, I would transfer." 

Nicolas Ropati was the main receiver tonight racking up 95 yards and one touchdown. Jerome took to TikTok upset about not doing as promised. Instead of the 100 yards, he was sure he'd get, Jerome only saw the ball 4 times where he managed to get 31 yards. Jerome said, "I have to take this upcoming bye week and improve. I'm getting 100 yards in the next game".

The rushing duo of James Ropati and Dwayne Huntsman continued to show dominance. In 18 attempts, James ran for 124 yards and 1 touchdown. Dwayne was not as fortunate, picking up just 21 yards in 14 attempts. Offensive coordinator, Arrow Belichick, was very optimistic about these two. "James is for sure our primary running back from here out," he stared, "Dwayne is a powerhouse. He will continue to get playing time. Our goal is to use him when we are short of the first down."

Xavier King and Calvin Jones sacked the Northwestern quarterback. Bob Sparks also tackled James Curry, the opponent's running back for a loss of four yards. "I was worried how the defense was going to carry itself," Jo Nathan admitted, "I truly thought they were just going to be able to run the ball over us. The guys stepped up today. I am proud of them."

Another guy we need to talk about is Aidan Johnson, the kicker who is currently 100% on field goals and extra points. Last week, Aidan made a 43-yard field goal. This time, he was put in a better situation, only having to make a 25 and a 39-yard field goal. 

The BPZ Cardinals will enjoy the next week off for one of their four bye weeks. The week after, they move on to face Louisiana Monroe. They are currently 0-1. 

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Week 4: BPZ (1-1) vs Texas State (2-1)


Despite not being favored to win this game, BPZ defeated the odds and in a big way. While Texas State's quarterback threw for for more yards, Bailey Justin had a completion rating of 81% and threw for 4 touchdowns! Bailey stated "We're really coming together. The coaching staff has been making changes to the playbook in order to fit all of our strengths. Scoring 44 points is amazing. Soon, teams are going to be taking a different look at us."

Bailey's confidence has really put this team in the right head space. His receivers keep improving as the team forms behind the rookie quarterback. Jerome Ropati finally got his 100 receiving yards plus two. What makes this achievement special, however, is that he did it in only 5 receptions! This was the first game that Jerome replaced Arrow Metcalf as the number one wide receiver. On the matter, Jo stated, "It was a key move. we ended up benching Arrow just for the week. We wanted him to see the game on the sideline hoping that would let him actually watch the game plan in action."

Dwayne Huntsman actually outperformed James Ropati this week. Huntsman was given the ball 16 times and rushed for 145 yards as well as 1 touchdown. Ropati saw the ball only 10 times and ran for 77 yards, less than half of what we saw from Dwayne. We asked Arrow Belichick on why this was the case. "The defense Texas State has is good at beating the run unless you use a tank. That's exactly why Huntsman was our main guy. When it takes 2 or 3 guys to take him down, the defense starts to slow down. That's when we used James as he is way faster."

Aidan Johnson missed his first extra point on the season, going 5/6 in the game. The team couldn't be too upset, though, as Aidan did make the only field goal that the team took a chance on which was 52 yards.

Defense was impressive, but didn't do much stat-wise. Bob Sparks and Xavier King only saw 2 tackles each. Jo was optimistic, though. "The defense still held them to only 23 points. There's not much more I could have asked for. They made the plays we asked them to. The offense took care of the rest."

BPZ moves on to Louisiana Monroe who is currently 1-2. BPZ is expected to win by 5 points. If they can do what they did this week, they won't have any trouble covering the spread.

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