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All Elite Wrestling: "AEW Revolution PPV" #40 (TEW2020)

After months of build, it's finally here, AEW Revolution! This show will feature the anticipated match between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, The Inner Circle vs The Young Bucks and MJF vs Sting and much more!
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"Murphy's Law" WWE Universe Mode: #44

The final RAW before Wrestlemania! Brock Lesnar will be in action, plus Becky Lynch versus Ruby Riott! Our Main Event will be Buddy Murphy teaming with AJ Styles to battle Robert Roode and Samoa Joe. Who will have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania? Find out in this episode of "WWE 2k20 Universe Mode".
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Wrestlemania 37

The long journey to the biggest show of the year has nearly reached its destination. WWE WrestleMania 37 is almost here, and given the circumstances, this should be one of the more memorable editions of the "Show of Shows" that we've seen in quite some time. Streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Sakura Genesis

With the New Japan Cup behind us, we now head to Sakura Genesis. Ryogoku plays host to the spring spectacular for the first time since 2018, as cup winner Will Ospreay does battle with Kota Ibushi in the main event for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.
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Arrow Scott Visits Hollywood

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We are being told that Arrow Scott and TheArrow aren’t in the arena tonight because they are going to Hollywood to mock Hollywood Steph even though Hollywood Steph isn’t in Hollywood and wasn’t born in Hollywood but ok I’ll stop speaking let’s go over to the taxi Arrow Scott and TheArrow are in

Hey hey were on our way to the airport this will be fun you might be thinking why are we going there even though Steph isn’t from there or is even there but its because we want to show whose boss and shame Hollywood with their “want some movie looking asses” hey hey so you see Steph were going to embarrass you in front of Hollywood and they will mock you and that will make you depressed hey hey oh look the airport is right there

TheArrow and Arrow Scott get on the plane and the cameras turn off and when they turn back on we see Arrow Scott and TheArrow walking around Hollywood.

Imagine wanting to put this place in your name it is a dumpster fire but let’s go explore Hollywood anyway hey hey do these fans not get it because I have jobs and they dont but look everything is a disgrace that shop is a disgrace those houses is a disgrace everything is about movies here well I don’t give a fuck about movies I want to find Hollywood Steph because if you were really from Hollywood then you would be here but you’re not here Arrow Scott and The Arrow are but is that a hologram hey hey TheArrow I see a hologram damn Steph are you too much of a coward that you won’t even turn up to fight us you’ll just leave us a pre taped message well me and TheArrow have the best song in the world so no matter what it says it won’t offend us

The hologram of Hollywood Steph plays and it says “I knew you’d come to Hollywood to try insult me but guess what words don’t hurt me only punches do” leaving a shocked ArrowScott and TheArrow to go back home but before they do ArrowScott grabs the mic and begins to speak one last time.

Hey Hey we haven’t forgotten about you diamond dynamo well fight me idc what u think about me and I can hear the fans booing me that’s because I have talent and you don’t and you get fired from your jobs because you have no talent and you guys suck so you two better turn up to our match if not we will come to your house, perform hey hey and beat you up, is there anything you want to say TheArrow and TheArrow picks up the mic I think he has something to say and also Arrow Scott’s fun fact is that my favourite colour is both red and blue

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The Arrow was looking at Arrow Scott with a smile.

”Arrow Scott do you know what tomorrow is? The day that we beat those old men to death and make them retire they are past their primes and they need to retire so let’s retire them and move on in the tournament and we can go home and get ready for our next opponents and what not.”

Arrow Scott was looking at The Arrow like he was some kind of mad man ranting about how old men suck.

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