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All Elite Wrestling: "AEW Revolution PPV" #40 (TEW2020)

After months of build, it's finally here, AEW Revolution! This show will feature the anticipated match between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, The Inner Circle vs The Young Bucks and MJF vs Sting and much more!
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"Murphy's Law" WWE Universe Mode: #44

The final RAW before Wrestlemania! Brock Lesnar will be in action, plus Becky Lynch versus Ruby Riott! Our Main Event will be Buddy Murphy teaming with AJ Styles to battle Robert Roode and Samoa Joe. Who will have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania? Find out in this episode of "WWE 2k20 Universe Mode".
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Wrestlemania 37

The long journey to the biggest show of the year has nearly reached its destination. WWE WrestleMania 37 is almost here, and given the circumstances, this should be one of the more memorable editions of the "Show of Shows" that we've seen in quite some time. Streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Sakura Genesis

With the New Japan Cup behind us, we now head to Sakura Genesis. Ryogoku plays host to the spring spectacular for the first time since 2018, as cup winner Will Ospreay does battle with Kota Ibushi in the main event for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.
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The Hall Of Fame Game

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For once, I don’t consider this title self explanatory to how the game starts, so I guess I’ll explain.

Similar to the Overrated or Underrated series, I will be listing 5 names. But instead of determining if they are Overrated or Underrated, we will be determined if they are indefinite Hall Of Famers, Borderline Hall Of Famers, or not Hall Of Fame Material.

Round One:



Lex Luger

William Regal


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RVD - Indefinite Hall of Famer, one of the best WWE Intercontinental Champions in the 2000's as well as that historical reign with the ECW Television Championship is what puts RVD there for me.

Demolition - Indefinite Hall of Famer, probably one of the best tag teams in the 80's for the WWF, Ax and Smash were just amazing together. There run was very impressive in my opinion.

Lex Luger - Indefinite Hall of Famer, mostly because of what he did in the late 80's early 90's for WCW, the longest reigning United States Champion and a very strong World Championship run. His later years weren't as good but still he deserves to be there.

William Regal - Borderline Hall of Famer. As much as I love Regal I feel his career hasn't really panned out as good as it could have been. I still think he will be a WWE Hall of Famer but he doesn't really have the credit to fully get into it as a sure thing.

Vader - Indefinite Hall of Famer. Disregard his WWF run as it wasn't as good. Just for what this man did in WCW and NJPW, he should be in every single Hall of Fame. The best Super Heavyweight in Wrestling's history.

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RVD: I feel like he's more than worthy of being inducted. He's an ECW legend and transitioned into WWE well with his 6 IC title reigns. If I had to pick one person to induct him, I'd say Paul Heyman? I feel like it'd be interesting to hear Heyman's advice on what it was like to book a young RVD into a star.

Demolition: Oh for sure Hall of Famers. I feel like they're the one legendary tag team that just aren't in the list. They have the number of reigns, but they also have the feuds to back it up. If you're gonna include the Horseman, the Harts and the Brainbusters, you gotta have Demolition.

Lex Luger: I feel like he maybe deserves it but never will. Especially considering the association or whatever with Miss Elizabeth's death. I never quite understood that, but if he never made it in with the original Four Horseman, than I doubt he will now.

William Regal: Regal was never a Huge superstar in WWE and I feel like he coulda been a lot more. IC, KOTR, Euro, Hardcore, that's good enough for me though. I'll say sure.

Vader: Oh 100 percent Vader should be in hall of fame. He's one the greatest big men of all time. No matter what you think about his run in WWF. I feel like it should've capitalized to honor him after his passing. But I think any time now is great.

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RVD: Indefinite Hall of Famer. One of few guys to be an original Grand Slam champion. As people have pointed out he was one of the better IC champions of the 2000s and was a defining figure of ECW and the Ruthless Aggression era of the WWE. Also has one of the best Royal Rumble returns imo.

Demolition: Indefinite Hall of Famers. Demotion are one of the best tag teams of all time. Along with the British Bulldogs and Legion of Doom, they defined tag teams in the late 1980s and had the longest Tag Team Championships reign of any team in the WWF/WWE up until the New Day a few years ago.

Lex Luger: Borderline Hall of Famer. Luger's run in the WWF actually sucked ass and he never won a title. But in WCW, he was a multi-time champion (second ever triple crown) and one of the better wrestlers that they had during the peak of the NWO. Pre-WWF Luger was also pretty fun to watch.

William Regal: Borderline Hall of Famer. Regal never amounted to much past the midcard during his wrestling days and when he did have a chance to excel into the main event he blew it so based off his in-ring career I wouldn't put him in. But I think because of his post-wrestling career, he has a shot of being inducted.

Vader: Indefinite Hall of Famer. Vader at one point was the best wrestler in the world during the early 90s. He didn't amount to much and was underutilised during his run with the WWF but outside of it he found a lot of success in WCW, AJPW and NJPW. One of the best big men to ever do it, should be inducted in the next three years.

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  • Senior Moderator

RVD - indefinite, Great iC champ plus that moment of winning the world title will go down in history.

Demolition - Indefinite, I mean surely this is pretty obvious

Lex Luger - Borderline, While yes he did nothing in WWF outside of winning the rumble with Bret Hart in the WCW he was a 2 time world champ but since thats in WCW i'll sat borderline

William Regal - Borderline without what he's done with NXT i'd say no chance but now with NXT theres a slim chance

Vader - Indefinite, Sure in WWF he sucked ass but if HOF was based of just WWF/WWE then Sting wouldn't have been a headliner, I think Vader's gotta make just based of his work for WCW, and then if you add in what he did in Japan then its an easy choice

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  • Hall of Fame

Kane - Borderline HOF, I can see him being inducted whenever the next inductees are announced for next year, obviously one of the most popular guys throughout his WWE run and he won himself a few World Titles as well. 

Marty Janetty - Not HOF worthy, this was close to indefinite but I don't think Janetty achieved that much inside the WWF besides his tag team run with Shawn Michaels. I could only see him getting inducted if they induct The Rockers as a team but I feel like that's unlikely. 

Goldust - Indefinite HOF, Goldust is definitely one of the most iconic characters of the Attitude Era and he achieved a lot during his time with the WWF/WWE and in the WWF. The only thing that might stop him getting inducted sooner is his ties with AEW

Tazz - Indefinite HOF, basically for the same reasons as Goldust due to his ties with AEW right now. Tazz was wasted during his WWF run but he'll be remembered for his time with ECW more than anything else so I can see him getting inducted sometime in the future.

Bam Bam Bigelow - Indefinite HOF, Bam Bam is one of the most underrated big guys of all time, but he was unfortunate not to have a greater run with the WWF. He'll definitely get inducted sometime in the near future but can't see it happening just yet. 

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Kane - Indefinite HOF.  definitely think this was is almost confirmed right now. He's got the success in terms of titles, and in terms of memorable Attitude Era storylines he's got major ones. Kane is also very successful in the Rumble so I expect he'll be in the HOF very quickly.

Marty Janetty - Not HOF Worthy. Besides the obvious tag team run with HBK, he didn't do anything of note. HBK is gonna be inducted himself, and that'll be that. It's sad but its true.

Goldust - Indefinite HOF. Now this one is pretty obvious. The Rhodes family, the iconic Goldust gimmick, he's a no brainer for me if WWE are gonna overlook the whole AEW thing. For the gimmick alone I'd say HOF, but also the way Goldust was a perfectly steady hand for them both throughout his time in WWE. He did a lot of good years of service.

Tazz - Borderline HOF. Tazz was a badass in ECW and completely legitimized himself. Without a doubt if we're talking ECW legends to induct, Tazz is the guy to kick them off. Ultimately the injuries will hold him back, but when WWE gets around to inducting more ECW legends, I'm sure Tazz will be one of them. 

Bam Bam Bigelow -Indefinite HOF. Bigelow was seriously underrated. He wasn't just a big man who could fly, but he was a big man who could work. He had crazy good Wrestlemania moments, like when he carried Lawrence Taylor. He was never used at the high level he probably should've been. I feel like he definitely will go in, one day. 

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Kane- Indefinite HOF. I think everyone agrees that he deserves it, one of the most loyal guys in WWF/E History, and he's won almost every title they've had. He's one of the more popular guys and definitely has earned it after working for Vince around 20 Years, and has one of the/if not the best debuts in history at Badd Blood 1997.

Marty Janetty- Not HOF Worthy. Besides his team with HBK, he didn't do anything. He won IC and held it for a few weeks, but other than that, his only iconic moment is being attacked by Shawn Michaels during the barbershop segment. Janetty's chances of being in the HOF seem to go down as he has confessed to murdering people, and is suing WWE for Brain Damage. Even besides that, I don't think he deserves it.

Goldust- Borderline HOF. I think due to the iconic Goldust gimmmick and time he spent there that he should go in, but due to him being a centerpiece in AEW jumping off, his chances go down. If WWE were to put pettiness aside and put him in that would be great, but WWE are usually petty so I think he is borderline.

Tazz- Borderline HOF. He deserves it and is recognizable due to his ECW Work, aswell as his time towards the tail-end of the Attitude Era, alongside his stint as a Commentator in the Ruthless Aggression Era. The only thing that is also holding him back is his work in AEW, where he commentates and manages. As Echo said, if WWE starts inducting more ECW Legends he should go in. Deserves it as he was one of the voices of a lot of people's childhood and a phenomenal worker in ECW.

Bam Bam Bigelow- Indefinite. One of the greatest big men ever and he deserves the induction. Carried a Lawrence Taylor to a solid match at WrestleMania XI, and he was such a fantastic worker. From Japan to North America, he wowed everybody with his agility and cruiserweight-like abilities. There isn't really much holding him back from being inducted, so it is just up to WWE at this point.

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  • Hall of Fame

R Truth - Indefinite HOF, he's still a part of the main roster currently so I can see it being some years down the line before he gets inducted. R-Truth absolutely deserves to be in there though, he's accomplished a fair amount with the WWE but his entertainment value and character is what will get him in there.

Mike Rotunda - Not HOF worthy, IRS was a cool character and a good heel in the mid 90's but I don't know if he ever achieved enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He just isn't a name that would ever come to mind for me. 

Tommy Dreamer - Indefinite HOF, One of the first guys that always comes to mind when you think ECW. He never accomplished much in WWE but everyone remembers him for his legendary status in ECW anyways. He'll certainly be inducted sometime in the future. 

Gail Kim - Indefinite HOF, Even though a lot of her best work was done outside of WWE I'd like to think that Gail Kim would be considered at some point. She was one of the better women's wrestlers they had in the 2000's and she won a women's title so maybe that's enough for a future induction.

Sid Vicious - Borderline HOF, Definitely a name I could see being put in there very soon. One of the top guys in the WWF in the early-mid 90's, he had a few World Title reigns to his name and his early work in WCW was pretty solid too. 

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R Truth - Borderline HOF. The only reason I could see R-Truth getting Hall of Fame is because of his longevity with the company. He is a cgood comedy act for WWE and has been for ages. However, I think his best work was done outside of WWE and in TNA. It's also gonna be a while before he gets even in the conversation.

Mike Rotunda - Borderline HOF. I think if he were to be inducted, it would be as IRS. I feel like his early accomplishments kinda make it likely that eventually he might join as a legacy HOFer or something. Also backstage service to the company, plus birthing two WWE superstars. I don't know, I'm on the fence.

Tommy Dreamer - Indefinite HOF. I think if you're gonna start putting ECW guys in the Hall of Fame, Dreamer is one of those guys you have to put in. In the future he will for sure. It's only a matter of time. He's an ECW legend, maybe of the best ECW's ever seen.

 Gail Kim - Indefinite HOF. I feel like when it comes to womens talent, and how they were laid out in each decade. There isn't a whole lot of HOF worthy talent for the 2000's. We've got Stratus, Lita, Mickie. But then Gail Kim comes to mind in that second batch of talent. I feel like she's got the name value, she could definitely do it. 

Sid Vicious - Borderline HOF. I think....this one is tough. On one hand, he's done about everything in the wrestling business. Sid is a 4 time world champ, and was a major player in both WCW and WWF. He's never really mentioned alongside the greats of the 90's because he definitely wasnt as great in the ring. But his success in winning titles, and main eventing big PPV's should warrant his spot. 

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R Truth: Borderline HOF, He definitely deserves with the energy and time he puts into the company and he is a joy to watch. However comedy acts usually don't win any big time matches so that might keep him out. 

Mike Rotunda: Borderline HOF, If he was inducted it'd be for his backstage work. 

Tommy Dreamer: Indefinite HOF....He should already be there and im sure the only reason he is not is because of his ties to ECW. However when ECW guys start getting the nod, he better be the first one. 

Gail Kim:  Borderline HOF. I feel she should definitely get it however she was around when their were only three women dominating the already poorly run women's division and so i feel just the time period itself is going to work against her. Had she been around now she would have been a Indefinite with her talent

Sid Vicious: Indefinite. Im surprised he isn't already, but im sure it will come with time. As mentioned their were just to many greats of the 90s that overshadow him but his time will come. 

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