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All Elite Wrestling: "Big Television Ratings" #45 (TEW2020)

It's the final episode before The House That Always Wins and we're looking to pop a big rating as we put our top stars on the card for one last chance to increase our storyline heat before the PPV. Can we achieve one of our best Dynamites to date?
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AEW Double or Nothing 2021

All Elite Wrestling is heading back to pay-per-view this month with Double or Nothing. This is the third year for the event, which served as AEW's inaugural pay-per-view event in 2019 and has featured some of the young promotion's most exciting moments!
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Wrestlemania Backash

Backlash is once again taking the position of the first major WWE wrestling card to take place after WrestleMania this year. And the wildest part about that development is how both shows are getting mashed together to produce a “new” event altogether – WrestleMania Backlash. Discuss it here!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount

Join us on May 14th live from Madison Square Garden and on the BPZ Network for Chapter V: Paramount!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount (May 14th-15th)

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An age-old rivalry adds a new chapter at Paramount

Since they both arrived in 2015, Necce and Slim’s careers have crossed paths many times, mostly as rivals but most notably and memorably as 2/3rds of the infamous Legacy stable. Despite their shortcomings as a group, all three men would go on to achieve singles success by themselves, but there’s no doubt that Necce has become the black sheep of the group over the years, as alluded to by the former Antichrist himself. While he has never been able to reach the peak success he did at BPZMania III, Necce slowly fell into a rabbit-hole of self-doubt and uncertainty as the year 2020 went by. By the time 2021 rolled around, Necce became known as a shell of himself who was just there to collect a paycheck with little-to-no motivation.

With a loss at Wildcard, Necce’s road to Mania seemed bleak but possibilities emerged as the BMF Champion, Slim, issued a challenge to the man himself, who holds an all-time record of 2-0 against The Notorious One in singles bouts. Determined to “expunge the one stain left”, Slim’s challenge was ultimately never answered, and the BMF Championship bout went to Bob Sparks. After being able to dispatch of the Bracket Buster, Slim’s undefeated success in the year would run dry against Julius as he came up short in a champion vs. champion contest in Arena Mexico. Left bitter after a loss he can’t repay, the BMF Champion went big game-hunting and now circles back to something he’s been waiting on for 5 years; a 1-on-1 rematch with Necce.

Running down the Valor locker room as a bunch of egotistical vaginas, the self-proclaimed “Truth” returned to Valor for a third time since his messy departure, once again intent on facing Necce for the BMF Championship, this time determined to not only beat him but bring Necce back to form, and take the main event to give the title the “spot it deserves” according to the champion. Playing with the champion, he waited until Slim was moments away from leaving before ultimately heeding the call, a sign of respect between the two men shown for the BMF Championship along with each other. But there will be no respect for anything when they stand face-to-face with each other on May 14th inside of Madison Square Garden. The biggest question will always be however: Who will leave as the baddest?

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Really looking forward to this show. Feel like there’s a ton of potential here. Some really cool showdowns, and I feel the BMF title match really adds a lot as well. Good luck to everyone involved. 

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BPZ Triple Crown Championship Ladder Wars Match: Tamer (C) vs Bart 

Valors Triple Crown Championship will be on the Line in a Ladder Wars Match. A match that is described as more brutal and violent than a normal ladder match. Bart made a shocking return at Backlash taking out the champion Tamer to make a huge statement. The Chief of Valor approved and made the match official even though Bart technically wasn’t signed to Valor. Both men used this to their advantage in Bailey saying he doesn’t care if Bart gets the match and Bart saying that he’ll sign a contract if he gets to pick the stipulation. Bart has vowed to destroy Valor, that he is not here to save it. And that he will defeat Tamer and become the new Triple Crown Champion. On the other hand a defiant Tamer refuses to acknowledge the Triple Crown Champion and insist he is still the Undisputed Champion. That he won’t be following Baileys order. It has made for an interesting dynamic of a match. The challenger who wants to destroy the brand that he once controlled. And the Champion who refuses to acknowledge the wishes and decisions of the Chief of Valor.  Can Bart defeat Tamer and become the new champion? Or will the Champion Tamer once again rise above and take down another challenger? Find out May 14th at Paramount! 

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BPZ Atlas Championship 30 Minutes Ironman Match: Mikey (C) vs Amai 

 Mikey dared anyone  to step up to face him next. Who stepped up was a shock to everyone including Mikey as Amai attacked Mikey from behind making his return and accepting the challenge. Amai did this out of pure jealously claiming that he should be the one in Mikeys position. That he was the heir of the Inner Cirlce, The Chosen one not Mikey. That Mikey was nothing more than a sidekick. That the Rightful person who should be on top is back to take his spot from Mikey. Mikey though of course has other plans stating that He was always better than Amai and that Amai can’t last 30 minutes in to ring with Mikey. That Amai has stepped up but will be put down by Mikey. This is a callback feud starting ever since when the Mafia existed. Amai wants his place back in Valor that Mikey took instead. Who will win this Ironman Match and walk out Atlas Champion? Find out at Paramount! 

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Bailey vs Prince 

 A match that you can say has been building for years ever since Bailey took Prince under his wing as his Chosen one, Prince will finally take Bailey on one on one for the first time ever. The recrossed paths when Bailey became Chief of Valor and offered Prince his own Ironman Championship instead of the Premium Championship which Bailey despise for how garbage it is as a title. But Prince declined saying he will defend and be the Premium Champion. Not some Champion Bailey wants him to be. This set Bailey off which led him to enter the Premium Championship match at Backlash at the end of it using his power to do so. But Prince was able to survive and escape from Bailey retaining the belt. This led to Bailey booking a one on one between the two at Paramount in Bailey’s Valor Debut. Bailey originally said he was going to end Prince but has gone back on that saying now he sees the potential in Prince still and wants to help him. But first he must break prince so that he can fix him and he will do exactly that at Paramount. For Prince this is about proving he can compete with the best of the best and win. And reach the top his own way. But Bailey insist that he needs to be the one to give Prince the push over the hump he is stuck on. And that the only way that can be done is by hurting, breaking Prince and then he can fix him. And then all Prince has to do is Acknowledge Him. Can Prince overcome The Chief of Valor once again? Or will Bailey act on his vision for Prince and succeed? Find out at Paramount on May 14th

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The show is really setting up to be one memorable show for the Valor brand. One controversial match aside I think the build to the rest of the matches has been well executed and I am not sure heading into the event who will win all there respective matches. I think that alone makes the show very exciting to read and I can't wait for the rest of the buildup.

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