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On 1/6/2019 at 2:27 PM, Hans said:

never thought about this one before, but what if Abyss did come to the WWE. Abyss vs Undertaker would have definitely been a Wrestlemania match.

That is actually what he turned down, a WWE contract with a match with the Undertaker. The contest on the tips of every TNA vs WWE fantasy booking that was ever created during their rise.
I look back wondering on what could have been. Would Abyss have been one and done after Undertaker? Just used to lose. Or would he have grown beyond that match and made a name for himself in this new company.

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Man, I can't stress enough how bad I am at choosing the right girl. At the start of every relathionship, they are perfect, like with my current girlfriend. But when it hits 3 months it always turns to garbage and I never understand why, is it something I do? Or are they just not the one? It makes me question If I am even good enough to find someone if when I am 30 I'll still be trying to find the love of my life. I've always been obsessed with the idea of love, the idea of meeting that one person who cares for you as much as you care for them but I always find myself caring more then the other, I may be an asshole on here but I gently have a good heart as many of my friends have told me and I never will understand why the people with good hearts get hurt, and I'll never understand why girls or anyone would cheat. Love is fun, its fun and weird that the person you're going to marry is on this earth right now, and that scares me, cause what if there isn't someone I am going to marry? I always try to figure it out when I should probably sit back and let it happen, but thats not how love works. And the shitty thing is, I've been doing that with other things in my life. My grades are at there lowest point since I've been in high school, not cause I haven't been trying but because the classes I am in are hard. My parents are disappointed and I know why but its a struggle, I deadass wish school could be different, maybe start later, not be as long or as demanding because its bullshit what they teach. And half of my teachers are the type that hand you a packet and have you watch a video, and if you expect me to do a packet and watch a video and do well on your quiz/test you shouldn't of gotten your degree. I will never understand school and I am so glad I only have one year left, but some good things are happening in life. Such as my license, I can go for that in 1 month and my truck is in good condition. Its weird, I use to always just put my negative shit aside but now it feels like the negative outweighs the positive but I gotta smile right? Gotta keep chugging along, maybe one day I'll get back to that mindset. For now, I just gotta focus on improving myself : )

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4 hours ago, Hans said:

So a few days ago i had the weirdest dream ever. So I was watching Wrestlemania and there was like 20 matches on the card and the stage being greek stage like the from mania 9 and I legitimately thought I'm really watching Wrestlemania lol. My brain is so weird.

20 Matches? That does sound like the real Wrestlemania 😁
Wrestling dreams are the weirdest. I remember a dream i had where i was at the airport with Joey Ryan heading to Japan and it kept looping where he would ask if i had everything, one time i had forgot the championship, next i had forgot the shirts. He was dressed in wrestling attire the whole time as well.

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On how to improve on keeping connections. As life becomes more chaotic and we get busier with our own business it's easy to let slip those friendships you built in years past when lives were more connected. Next minute you realise it's been quite a while since you've checked in.

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