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[NFL] National Football League discussion

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The Texans are screwed and colts fans are mad because luck is retiring raiders fans have a right to be mad because ab is acting like an ass over an helmet that the NFL ruled non safe but colts fans don’t deserve luck who gets triggered over losing a qb when you have a good second string qb? Jacoby is a beast colts fans are being babies over this for no reason hopefully this ends before the regular season starts because if not then it’s bs because Luck injuries caught up with him and he wants to spend time with his family let him because it’s not right to be triggered over someone retiring get over it and it’s your fault because if you drafted him in fantasy football your screwed because he ain’t playing this season so good luck to y’all in your fantasy football leagues lol.   

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Per sources Adam Shelfter The Houston Texans traded DE Jadeveon Clowney to The Seattle Seahawks For a third round draft pick Linebacker Jacob Martin and Pass Rusher Barkevious Mingo per source in NFL Network was told by Ian Rapoprt I think we just robbed Houston the dude is only 26 years old the Seahawks needed a de for the defensive line and we could have our division won take that rams ha cheaters.

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Season starts in two days, Chicago vs Green Bay. I believe Chicago's gonna win that game and eventually the division, but I figured I'd give my regular season predictions and playoff predictions before the season starts and hopefully you guys follow.

AFC Playoff Teams:

1. Patriots: 13-3
2. Chargers: 12-4
3. Browns: 10-6
4. Jaguars 10-6
5. Chiefs 11-5
6. Texans 9-7

NFC Playoff Teams:

1. Saints: 12-4
2. Bears: 11-5
3. Rams 10-6
4. Cowboys 9-7
5. Packers 10-6
6. Eagles 9-7

Wild Card Results: Jags over Chiefs, Browns over Texans, Cowboys over Packers, Eagles over Rams

Division Round: Saints over Eagles, Bears over Cowboys, Patriots over Jags, Browns over Chargers

Championship Round: Pats over Browns, Bears over Saints

Super Bowl: Patriots 34 - Chicago 23

Miami, Oakland, NYG, Cincy, Tampa Bay as top 5 in draft.

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So hyped for this NFL season. I don't think there are any OP teams and theres a lot of teams with in the cconferences that can compete. As a jets fan I'm definitely excited to see this young fun team in action. I think they are definitely a sleeper to make the playoffs this year

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As week 4 approaches with 7 teams without a loss, what undefeated team will lose today? Here is the games for today

Falcons vs Titans 1PM

Patriots vs Bills 1PM

Panthers vs Texans 1PM

Chargers vs Dolphins 1PM 

Browns vs Ravens 1PM 

Chiefs vs Lions 1PM

Texans vs Colts 1PM 

Giants vs Redskins 1PM

Seahawks vs Cardinals 4:05 PM

Tampa Bay vs Rams 4:05 PM

Vikings vs Bears 4:25

Broncos vs Jaguars 4:25 PM

Cowboys vs Saints 8:20 PM



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Its actually been a pretty decent season, we have some new teams doing well, (49ers,  Cowboys, Bears) and the NFC West is looking like a really good division this season, besides the Cardinals there is. As well as the NFC North with the rivalry of the Packers and Bears seeming to be a legit interest once again. There has been some surprise stars this season as well, Gardner Minshew and Daniel Jones being some, and another thing that has surprised me is the Browns doing some legit things this season, they had a rough start but I like the plays they have, Mayfield has a lot of room for improvement. Its still early, and many things can happen but so far this has been a fun season. Lets go pats!

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I started playing Football irl, so I decided to start watching the NFL and I've decide that my team will be THE NEW YORK GIANTS. I know they are dog shit but I live in New York and I believe in that boy Daniel Jones. We finna get bum raped by New England next week lol, So far it's been fun learning the sport and getting into it. 

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Week 7 is here in the NFL. As there is only 2 undefeated teams  in the NFL which are The 49ers 6-0 and the Patriots who are also 6-0. With the 49ers leading the NFC West they would need more wins to clinch there divison. But I can’t wait to see the Seahawks take on the 49ers because basically if they 49ers lose 2 games they would be in 2nd place and the Seahawks would take over in 1st place. The records for the teams starting with AFC is

AFC East:


Bills: 5-1

Jets 1-4 

Dolphins: 0-6

AFC West: 

Cheifs 5-2 

Raiders 3-3

Broncos: 2-5

Chargers: 2-5

AFC North: 

Ravens: 5-2 

Browns: 2-4

Steelers: 2-4 

Bengals 0-7

AFC South: 

Colts: 4-2

Texans: 4-3 

Jaguars: 3-4 

Titans: 3-4 

Now for the NFC. 

NFC East: 

Cowboys: 3-3 

Eagles: 3-3 

Giants: 2-5

Redskins: 1-6 

NFC West: 

49ers: 6-0 

Seahawks: 5-2

Rams: 4-3

Cardinals: 3-3

NFC North:

Packers: 6-1

Vikings: 5-2 

Bears: 3-3

Lions: 2-3

NFC South: 

Saints: 6-1

Panthers: 4-2

Buccaneers: 2-4 

Falcons: 1-6

Thats the Standings for the NFL.

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32. Miami Dolphins 
31. Cincinnati Bengals 
30. Washington Redskins 
29. New York Giants 
28. Denver Broncos 
27. New York Jets 
26. Atlanta Falcons 
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
24. Pittsburgh Steelers 
23. Los Angeles Chargers 
22. Tennessee Titans 
21. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. Oakland Raiders
19. Arizona Cardinals
18. Cleveland Browns
17. Detroit Lions 
16. Carolina Panthers
15. Chicago Bears 
14. Philadelphia Eagles
13. Buffalo Bills 
12. Baltimore Ravens 
11. Indianapolis Colts 
10. Dallas Cowboys 
9. Los Angeles Rams 
8. Seattle Seahawks
7. Houston Texans 
6. Minnesota Vikings 
4. San Frisco 49ers 

4. Green Bay Packers
3. Kansas City Chiefs
2. New Orelens Saints 
1. New England Patriots 

These are my power rankings after week 7!

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