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What game are you currently playing?

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just about finished season 2 of the walking dead. I've been loving Lords of the fallen as well and BPZGF & I have started playing little big planet 3 and its pretty fun so far.

little big planet for real. You lost all credibility son. Anyway I'm playing Madden , NBA , I'm loving watch dogs I'm loving the last of us story and first light isn't bad either. Haven't played WWE that much. And play a little ufc and oh yea AC untiy is okay and my brother got me destiny yesterday for him but I'll probably try it out.

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Just bought NBA live 15 for dirt cheap, I'm gonna give it a go and see how bad it is. I've been playin so many games lately I feel like I'll never get through any of them lol

I know what you mean man, I mean Dragon Age is probably my game of the year but I still haven't completed it as I am playing my other games.

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