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I'm not too clued up on how this thread works so I just went with whose promos I like to read.

1. @Bart- I like Bart's promos a lot. He doesn't over-saturate with filler sentences and that makes his work easier to read. He makes a point of dissecting the words of his opponents and also relating to their past encounters. Bart I think has improved a lot since winning the Undisputed Championship. Although his rematch with Echo was like promoing against a brick wall, their build-up to BrendenPlayz Mania was good and you could really connect with how enriched their rivalry was with history. His promo titled Pretending was a very good read. His recent work with Flynn has been good also.

2. @Julius- His promos in the PowerTrip Cup have been nothing short of exceptional. To consistently deliver a quality promo, or promos in some cases in a short amount of time can be very tough. Julius is a machine when it comes to promoing. His style is a little different than Bart's as Julius is much more insulting to good effect. His recent work against BiC, titled Hunger is a good promo which I feel sums up Julius and his character well. I also liked his work when coming up against the Big Ballers, where I felt Brenden also impressed. Embarrassment and One opportunity are great promos with the former demonstrating how Julius has actions as well as lexicon nailed down in his work.

3. @BiC- If you want to learn the fundamentals of a good, babyface promo then BiC is the person you need to reach for. He works very hard on his promos and it shows with the formatting and images he uses as a reference to the words he writes. I also think BiC is exceptional at telling a story. He manages to gain compassion with his work. His most recent work against Julius as well as Bob Sparks in the PowerTrip Cup are great examples of his promo work. The Fallen Angel and The Heart Of Opportunity are very well-written and professionally formatted and validate why he is one of the best workers today in BrendenPlayz.

4. @Flynn- I have seen Flynn change his gimmick a couple of times during my time in BrendenPlayz, but each time he manages to hit his promos out of the park. Flynn I personally feel is very similar to Bart with his promos in that he doesn't over-complicate things and his words are very hard-hitting. He uses capitalisation very well to emphasise key words in his work. I've enjoyed his recent work with Bart and I liked his promos when he was feuding with the Big Ballers and the Bailey. Crisis is a very good read and shows how Flynn can use words and quickly adapt to a new storyline, in this case the formation of Legacy. Nostalgia Act and A NEW ERA also show how direct he can be when addressing change in a storyline, as well as portray his gimmick to the highest calibre.

5. @bailey14- For me Bailey transitions from using comedy in his promos to delivering a serious message perfectly. I love his immersed he is in his gimmick, and how he can effortlessly insult his opposition before changing the topic and addressing their upcoming match flawlessly. His promo Legacy shows how he doesn't entirely rely on comedy and can discuss storyline progression as well as feature emotion in his work. The People's Referee is also a great if short promo and demonstrates Bailey's use of comedy to sell a match as well as add significance to the feud.

Hopefully this was a good read. I tried to reference why I think these people are the top 5 through linking their work. Sorry if I annoyed anybody by tagging you.

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