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Necce hits Flynn with a rolled up newspaper and because Flynn is so weak,he dies,but because the rules are 'no killing users' Necce revives Flynn but pins him anyway 1...2...3 15x champ

Flynn backhands necce for making such an outrageous claim about Flynn. The slap hurt necce so bad that he wI'll be out for a few weeks and Flynn becomes a 21x champ

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A headless body couldn't keep Paul.™ away . His head was stitched to his neck, but an artificial spinal cord was put in his body . Never the less...

Crawling to the lockeroom after hitting the Red Arrow , Dave15 reaches to turn the knob, but instead he meets a boot in his face . He looks up...

Paul.™ is resurrected!

He lifts Dave15 up, and PileDrive™s him into the metal pads attached to the floor ... A messy affair occurred . Paul.™ lifts Dave15 and tosses him into a garbage can...

Paul.™ walks off with the title .

Nobody is fucking killing me again okay ?

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Skeletox attacks Paul from behind, prepares Paul for the Crucifix Powerbomb through a Table...And Skeletox Nails it!, To be sure of his win Skeletox punches Paul with Brass knuckles and nails a One man Con-chair-to with the chair. Skeletox goes for the Pin, 1.2...3! Skeletox is a 4x Hardcore champ

Flynn takes a sledgehammer and beats down skeletox and takes the title 23x champ

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Didn't forget about me did you ?

Ring bell in his hand, Paul.™ sets it next to Dave . Picks up the title and walks off .

Flynn and Skeletox start to wake up...looking up the ramp to Paul.™'s boots . No one reacts until ...

Flynn grabs Pual by his throat and chokeslams him through the stage 1...2...3 24x champ

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