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What's the next game(s) you plan on buying or just bought?

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Wolf among us 2! I really enjoyed the first game a lot and i'm excited to play the new one. Walking Dead is okay but i've never been a big fan of the show so I didn't really like the game much, so I won't get that game. 

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Guest Smith

Image result for destiny 2

I wasn't sure on buying Destiny 2 until I went to my friend's house and played it. It was actually really fun and reminded me of how much I enjoyed the first game. I'm hoping that the DLCs for this game don't put me off like they did in the last game. I'm also hoping that I can find as much interest in Destiny 2 as I did in the original. I'm looking forward to playing this, especially with my boy @Sameer.

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I pre-ordered FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition for $117 and there goes the majority of the next few months for me. I can't wait to play The Journey 2 because you get to go all around the world this time, and it's much longer than it was before from what I can see, which is an improvement. They finally made some changes on career mode which was overdue so I can't wait to play it. 

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Planning on getting  Ark survival evolved.

This gem of a game, I got a chance to play the free 1 hour trial of it on my Xbox one.  After months of friends telling me to try it I try it and it was amazing.  For Survival games it is pretty great.  A bit hard to do with have big learning curve depending on which map you play.  The free hour of the game I played I spent one full day in the game  struggling not to die in the game from hunger, thirst or freezing to death during the first night and I only barely scratched the surface of what is fully in the game. Getting super luckywith my trial of the game that i didnt get eaten by a dinosaur or  one of the random hostile animals in the game.

The game just came out of its game preview stage and is still pumping out new content.  Really looking forward getting this game and actually delving into the game.  One of the next games i am looking forward i am going to be getting.

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Just got a few games on Steam:

Image result for out of the park baseball 18

Image result for original war

Image result for Project highrise

Image result for Victoria 2

Image result for men of war assault squad 2

Out Of The Park Baseball 18: A really in-depth baseball game where you get to play as a General Manager for a baseball team across multiple different leagues. From the MLB, to Japanese leagues, and even an Australian league(Sorry Brenden). Along with that you can also play any historical season all the way back from 1871 to 2016. Really great game that I'd recommend.

Original War: A rouge-like RTS game where you control a group of soldier that are sent back 2,000,000 years into the past to bring a precious power resource from Siberia to Alaska. There are branching paths to the story, so you could end up with different results each time you play. Also there's the fact that if a soldier dies they're dead for the rest of the game, no getting them back. From what I've played so far it seems fun, but it is kind of old(Came out in October of 2001) if that kind of thing turns you away.

Project Highrise: A tycoon game where, you guessed it, you have to own and run your own Highrise Apartment. Order construction to add in apartments, food courts, and offices for different tenants. You can also decorate it as the seasons change to fit more to the holiday festivities. It doesn't sound like much, but my explanation doesn't do it justice. I really suggest trying this one out if you're into the tycoon type of games.

Victoria II: Play as any country that existed at the start of 1836 and take them all the way to the end of World War 2 to become the greatest nation of all time. Or go the Switzerland route and just settle with mediocracy by staying neutral in everything, if that's the type of thing you like(I'm sure you're fun at parties). But seriously, it's super fun and I'd recommend it for how historically accurate it is.

Men Of War: Assault Squad 2: Play as the 5 major factions of World War 2 in The Commonwealth, Germany, Japan, The Soviet Union, and The United States Of America(No love for Italy) and command soldiers across different battles that took place(I think there's 10 missions for each country). It's really fun and, like every other game on this list, something that I really recommend.

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