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BPZ Graphics Division

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BPZ Graphics Division


So me and Vioxx have decided to launch the Graphics Championship. It's not official or approved by Brenden or anything like that so right now it's just a thread, but it's going to have a lot of in depth things that I'll explain in this post.

Each week on our weekly show Emergence there will be a match card pitting up the contestants in matches. Each match will have a theme and a short backstory to explain the theme, and the size requirements too. Once the due date is up, polls will be up to decide the winners of the matches. People then vote to decide the winners, and the winners win :smile . There will be a short write-up of the results showing what was good about the designs, advice and how it effects the rankings.

Regarding rivalries, you can have a bit of smack talk on the posts to start a bit of a feud with others. Of course, making rivalries to fire things up is very recommended. Remember, like kayfabe, only take it with a pinch of salt. If we see this then we'll book you two in a match and help you start the rivalry.

So, what's the aim of the whole thing then? Well, the aim of the promotion is to reach the top and win the Graphics Championship. How do you do that? You rise up the rankings. We have a ranking system which ranks the contenders for the Graphics Championship. You rise up the rankings by winning matches on the weekly card. Once you become the number one contender, you will be given a title match on the last week of the month. The reigning champion picks one out of three themes for the title match and once again the winner will be decided via poll.


- You have until midnight saturday to submit entries. Since shows are on Wednesdays, you have until the next saturday to submit the entry otherwise you automatically lose. This is to make sure we don't fall behind our schedule. Polls are then up Sunday till Monday with results coming out shortly after.

- If you fail to meet the size requirement, you will be given a chance to resize your work. If you fail to meet it a second time, you will automatically lose.

- To submit your entry, post it on the thread in a spoiler.

- No begging for votes in a poll. If evidences of this is found, you will be DQed and automatically lose, and maybe even face suspension.

Cemention Rule:

I have added a new rule as of January 11. This is the cemention rule. I should've had this from the start to be honest but anyway. In the weeks coming to a ppv, if you are crowned the number one contender via a match then you are cemented as the number one contender. This means that you have earned your spot as noc and nobody can overtake you until the ppv. After that, you are not cemented. If you lose the title, you are automatically cemented as noc as you have a rematch clause. This rematch clause can be invoked on any week, just tell either me or Kieron. If you don't want to have it early, you automatically get the match at the next ppv. After that ppv, you lose your rematch clause.

So, if you want to sign up, make sure you mention down below. Vioxx will be competing in the league but I won't be to begin with, and either way there will be no biasness in this league. Enjoy the league!

Edited by Kieron Black
Just to make sure no one rigs this

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Maestro (General Manager and Competitor)




Vioxx (General Manager and Competitor)
Every Wednesday 
Cut-Off Day: Midnight Saturday
Polls: Sunday - Monday
Results: Shortly after
BPZ Graphics Championship: Nebakos
Championship History:

Smith (31 January 2016 - 24 February 2016)

Nebakos (24 February 2016 - 14 March 2016)

Elliot (14 March 2016 - Present)


Mr. Tender in the Trunk: Maestro


Championship History:


Maestro (24 February 2016 - Present)

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A new development after an interview with the two owners of the promotion, Mae said



In the weeks leading up to the next PPV  Emergence: New Blood there will be a Championship tournament Culminating in a 1 V 1 battle where we will crown a new champion, good look to all future competitors,  Matches and Themes will be released shortly.

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Emergence Announcement.

The first ever Emergence show will take place on Wednesday December 23. Since most people will be inactive over Christmas, we have extended the cut-off date to the first Wednesday of the New Year, Wednesday 6 January. This gives you two weeks to submit your entries.


The first ever Emergence PPV will also be held on the last Wednesday of January. Emergence: New Blood will take place on Wednesday 27 January 2016. This PPV will include the first ever Graphics Championship match,

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I was really dont know about this, but Mae PM'ed me about this and i think this is looking interesting, cant wait for it..i am joining this. If there will any updates and news i will be there, i dont know that i will win or lose, but i know competiting with Eliot and other best members will be a Challenge for me and it will improve my work, btw thanks both of you buddy.

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Emergence: Week 1 Match Card



It's Week 1 of our weekly show Emergence, and the first ever week of the BPZ Graphics Division! We have an amazing show tonight as our BPGD Graphics Championship Tournament kicks off. Who will walk out tonight victorious and advance to Round 2, or who will go home and be eliminated in this early stage?




pTYzkvM.png  vs tLlrDKn.png

Maestro vs Joh

Theme: WWE Horror Movie Poster

Backstory: WWE have decided to release a horror movie coming out Halloween 2016 starring one of their biggest superstars. Pick any superstar on the roster to star in this movie, make the poster horror related and make sure to include the release date of Halloween 2016 (or just put Halloween 2016).

Size: Anything Vertical

Inspiration: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ec/15/1d/ec151d59381ff9d74ef93787e2e59c62.jpg




Dm0mfLU.png vsm6YiLMW.png

Nebakos7 vs Bashka

Theme: Uniting the Midcard

Backstory: At the Royal Rumble 2016, the United States Championship and the Intercontental Championship will be united in a Champion vs Champion match. Pick either the current or a former US Champion, same goes for the IC Champion, and design a poster promoting their match at the Royal Rumble.

Size: 1280 x 720

Inspiration: http://sp7.fotolog.com/photo/39/10/6/pressingcattch/1256474586567_f.jpg




lPybAZf.png vs Pkpn5Si.png

Smith vs Vioxx

Theme: Deadman vs Icon

Backstory: The fantasy match has finally come. Sting vs Undertaker. Create a match-up card for Sting vs Undertaker. It can be any version of Sting, any version of Taker, any PPV, hell, even Raw. It can have extra text but make sure it has the basic text of Sting vs Undertaker.

Size: Anything Horizontal

Inspiration: https://sparxentertainment.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/undertaker_vs_sting_by_apetrella23-d8nuont.jpg




gnErlFo.png vs EmL0bDA.png

Steve vs Elliot

Theme: The Rumble Giants

Backstory: Create a poster promoting the Royal Rumble 2016 Rumble match. Make sure to include at least 4 different people, these people should be active performers on the roster and the ones who are most likely to win.

Size: Any

Inspiration: http://crimaz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/wwe-rr-royal-rumble-2011-poster.png



Cut-off Date:

December 31 2015, Midnight

To submit entries, post them inside a spoiler below. Get busy!

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