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Your Favourite WWE Themes?

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Put in your favorite theme song(s) in here! Trying to narrow down the best of the best, I narrowed mine down to a top 5. Music can be current or retro.

5. Jeff Hardy (Writings on the Wall)

4. Kane* (Slow Chemical)  (Music from '02-08)

3. CM Punk (Cult of Personality)

2. Triple H (King of Kings)

1. Sheamus (Written in my Face)

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1. Edge - Metalingus

2. John Cena - My Time Is Now (it's the reason I started liking Cena back in the days of '05)

3. SCSA - I Won't Do What You Tell Me

4. HHH - The Game 

5. Y2J  - Break The Walls / Dolph Ziggler - Here To Show The World (tie between those two)

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Guest Smith

I liked Randy Orton's old theme music. When he was the Legend Killer.

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My favorites:

CM Punk (Cult of Personality)

Triple H (The Game and King of Kings)

Dean Ambrose Current

Seth Rollins current

Randy Orton current

Edge's (I forgot the name)

Dolph Ziggler (I'm here to show the world)

For Edge are you talking about Metallingus?

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