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[NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

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7 minutes ago, bailey14 said:

Faried had like 2 good seasons and since that has been an average player. like seriously Houston you would rather have Kenneth Faried than Carmelo Anthony.  That's ridiculous 

Faried wont demand shots the way Melo would. He will just be a Normal role player, Carmelo in that role wouldnt work and he wouldnt like it.

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2019 NBA All-Star Starters

Western Conference Eastern Conference
Guard - Stephen Curry Guard - Kyrie Irving
Guard - James Harden Guard - Kemba Walker
Frontcourt - LeBron James Frontcourt - Kawhi Leonard
Frontcourt - Kevin Durant Frontcourt - Giannis Antetokounmpo
Frontcourt - Paul George Frontcourt - Joel Embiid


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My MVP Award Predictions

For me the MVP conversation this year is very open, there are a few guys who you could say all deserve the MVP award, in no particular order here are the top 10 guys who I think could win the MVP award this year. Let me know who you got.

James Harden - 36 Points, 6.5 Rebounds, 7.5 Assists, 2 Steals
Giannis Antetokounmpo - 27 Points, 12.5 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 1 Steal
Paul George - 28 Points, 8 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals
Russell Westbrook - 23 Points, 11 Rebounds, 10.5 Assists, 2 Steals

Kawhi Leonard - 27 Points, 7.5 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Steals
Nikola Jokic - 20 Points, 11 Rebounds, 7.5 Assists, 1.5 Steals
Kevin Durant - 27.5 Points, 6.5 Rebounds, 5.5 Assists, 1 Steal
Kyrie Irving - 23.5 Points, 5 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 1.5 Steals
Stephen Curry - 28 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 1 Steal
Joel Embiid - 27 Points, 13.5 Rebounds, 3.5 Assists, 0.5 Steals

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MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo 

DPOTY: Paul Geroge 

MIP: Pascal Siakam

ROTY: Luka Doncic

SMOTY: Lou Williams 

COTY: Mike Budenholzer

I've gotta go with Giannis here, his team is the best team record wise in the NBA. They are top 5 in defense and offence and all of that is because of how good Giannis Antetokounmpo is. The MVP award is about who is the most valuable to their team. If you look at games where Giannis sits, Milwaukee aren't remotely as good as they are when he plays. I know Harden has the insane numbers but I just think that Giannis has been the most valuable player to his team and therefore deserves this award

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