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Wtf is going in with McGregor. Got the MBA world in the palm of his hand and he's walking out because he didn't want to do a media day. You're not bigger than the sport and you gotta do what your boss tells you to do. Unprofessional and really UFC shouldn't be tolerating that. Dana should just let him walk.

that's the reason why the fight was cancelled but what I said above is the reason of retirement

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It was an interesting weekend in MMA we just had. Jon Jones proved that time does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder by putting in a belabored performance against Ovince Saint Preux. Bellator just got Money for Nothing (or nothing for money) out of a poor showing for Ben Henderson against Andrey Koreshkov. Demetrious Johnson caused many people to mistime their bathroom breaks by ending his fight with Henry Cejudo in under 3 minutes.

But nobody cares about any of that because Conor McGregor, you guys.
Oh Conor…if he was looking to prove that he has the entire MMA world eating out of his hand, what he did this week did just that.
All he had to do was send out a Tweet hinting at retirement to make everyone lose their minds. I mean, was he serious? What happened? Was he injured? Did he fail a drug test? Did he lose his passion for the sport and making ridiculous sums of money?
Of course he hasn’t. It should have been obvious from the start that he wasn’t retiring. He’s the biggest name in the sport. If he’s going to retire, he’s going to put out more than a vague Tweet. I mean, he should do at least an interview with whichever MMA journalist isn’t on Dana White’s shit list if he’s leaving the sport. He owes us that much.
Everything was cleared up in two days, though, as Conor revealed he wasn’t retiring and just wanted a break from all the media commitments he had in front of him to promote his UFC 200 main event against Nate Diaz so he could focus on his training. He was supposed to fly into the US for a few press conferences and to film a commercial this past week and he wanted to stay in Iceland instead, making him the first person to ever say they’d rather stay in Iceland than travel somewhere else.
So that’s all it was. Conor wanted to train instead of promote, since, according to his Facebook statement, he’s …”not yet paid to promote.” The UFC obviously felt that Conor needed to fly in and do the promotion and, as a result of his actions, removed him from the main event. They haven’t fired him or suspended him or stripped him of the featherweight championship he holds and seems to have no interest in defending, but he’s off the supposed “biggest” event in UFC history, even though the only reason it would have been the “biggest” is because McGregor was going to be on it.
That’s why I feel UFC needs to just nut up and put Conor back on the card. I mean, unless they stopped caring about money all of a sudden.
And I thought that was all that UFC cared about these days was money. I mean, that’s the reason that McGregor got the opportunity to become champion in the first place, because they knew that, even though he hadn’t earned a fight with Jose Aldo, more people would be interested in seeing Conor fight for the belt than Frankie Edgar.
It’s the reason the originally booked main event for UFC 196 was Conor vs. Rafael dos Anjos, because they realized that more people would be interested in seeing Conor attempt to become a 2 division champion than defend his title against Frankie Edgar.
Oh, and no offense, Frankie Edgar. Just a few more years and that belt will be yours! Maybe!
Conor has done a phenomenal job of building his name in the sport. He’s one of the best promoters the promotion has at their disposal and he’s proven that with the buyrates of the last 3 Payperviews he has headlined. Now, we don’t for sure that he generated $400 million over those 3 events, as Conor claimed in his Facebook post, but one thing we can agree on is he’s making the company more money than anyone else on the roster.
It’s within that context that Conor’s grievances make perfect sense. He’s done so much work promoting his last 3 fights that he feels he deserves a break. Of course, there’s a little irony that the one fight he doesn’t want to promote is the rematch to the guy who beat him, but it’s understandable that he wants to focus on his training and reminding himself what made him a star. He’s a celebrity who’s trying to remember that he was a fighter first and that he didn’t always have the posh lifestyle he can now afford and I have nothing but respect for him saying that.
Does that make Conor right in backing out of his promotional commitments? No. I mean, if the contract he signed stated that these specific commitments were going to be a part of the build to the fight, then he needs to honor those obligations. It’s not like this is some random UFC event. This is UFC 200, the “biggest” event in UFC history. Anyone wanting to fight on this card should have expected there to be a heavier promotional load for this show than any other on the calendar this year (except maybe the MSG card). If Conor didn’t want all of this, he should have either renegotiated the contract or not signed it and waited to fight on another card.
But would UFC have been willing to renegotiate and given Conor a lighter promotional load? I don’t know if they would have, since it seems like they are trying to make a statement with his removal from the card. UFC is aware that Frankenstein’s Monster is loose and the events of the past few days are trying to show that they are the ones in control, that their decisions won’t be dictated by the whims of any fighter, regardless of how popular they are or how much money they are capable of generating.
This whole situation is kind of like a parent who has spoiled their child rotten finally trying to teach the kid some manners. UFC wants to show that no fighter is bigger than the UFC and no fighter gets special treatment despite the fact that Conor has been getting special treatment his entire UFC career. I mean, how many fighters have gotten to roll up and down the Las Vegas strip in a Maserati with Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta when you’ve only had 3 fights in the organization? Who else is getting the red panty treatment?
I’m not saying that Conor deserves special treatment, even though he’s definitely a earned a little with his drawing ability, but that’s because he doesn’t need it. He’s already getting it and now he’s asking for more. Maybe UFC is finally realizing they have given him too much.
And I can respect that UFC wants Conor to fly out to promote the show because all the other fighters have been willing to disrupt their training camps to do the same, but let’s be real: Does Conor need to fly in to promote the fight? No. All he had to do is put out one Tweet and he has more people talking about UFC 200 than any commercial possibly could.
Seriously, what kind of commercial did they have planned that they needed Conor to be in Vegas for it? Don’t most UFC commercials consist of past fight footage or other things that could be filmed on location at Conor’s gym?
Do they need to film Conor walking down The Strip again? Can’t they CGI that or something? Maybe if UFC put actual effort into making effective promotional pieces, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.
But I get what UFC is doing. They want to flex their power and put the fighter in his place. They need to show those independent contractors who get asked to do so much but don’t get the decency of even being considered employees who runs the show and who needs who, even if I don’t necessarily agree that Conor needs UFC more or UFC needs Conor more.
Neither really needs the other. Not at this point. Well, unless this is all about money, in which case of course they need each other.
Conor is not going to make anywhere near as much money fighting anywhere other than the UFC (and if he does fight elsewhere, he’ll be fought of as a lesser fighter anyway since the UFC is the only promotion most people give a damn about).
And will UFC 200 do well without Conor? It will do all right. Will it be the “biggest” event in UFC history without him? Absolutely not. There’s no other fighter they can put in the main event of this show that will generate the same amount of interest. The only fighter that could come close is Ronda Rousey but she’s too busy Road Housing things to come back right now. They could also slot Georges St-Pierre in there, assuming he even does come back, but I don’t think his return will be as big as a Conor McGregor fight. It will be big, just not as big.
So, if UFC wants to pretend to be a just organization that all of a sudden values its fighters (and knows the value of its fighters), they can leave Conor off UFC 200 and hope this situation doesn’t play out again, with Conor or any other fighter. But, if UFC wants to deliver the big show the fans are expecting, then they need to put Conor back on the show.
Seriously UFC, remember when you did this to Nick Diaz? Remember how that ended? He still fought in the main event. So stop with the fussin’ and get to the fightin’. We demands our red panty night. DEMANDS IT!

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Too me your getting paid millions to fight, he should of went to the fucking media day and then continue his training. One day or even a few days wouldn't of killed him. UFC 200 still has quite a bit of time. I'm not going to spin this on UFC and blame Dana, I think he did the right thing. Hey you don't want to promote the fight, then your not fighting.

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After a roller coaster ride, and accusations of the whole situation being a giant publicity stunt, it's official: Conor McGregor will not headline UFC 200, as Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones II has been booked for the huge event.

Several UFC personalities appeared on today's Good Morning America, where the news was broken. Jones and Light Heavyweight Champ Cormier were originally scheduled to fight at last weekend's UFC 197 event, but Cormier was sidelined with an injury. Jones went on to defeat Ovince Saint Preux to become Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Cormier was cleared for the fight on Monday.

Featherweight Champion McGregor and the UFC have been playing a high stakes game of chicken for weeks now, as McGregor was pulled from the show for not being willing to fulfill media obligations of his planned UFC 200 bout against Nate Diaz. McGregor tweeted earlier in the week to say he was back on the card, which ended up not being true.

As is turns out, Nate Diaz wasn't interested in remaining on the card either. The former 155-pound title challenger said at a press conference last week that if he wasn't fighting Conor McGregor on the card, he was taking a 'vacation.'

The show looks to be one of the most loaded UFC has ever produced. Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will rematch for the interim Featherweight Championship, while Miesha Tate defends the Women's Bantamweight Championship. Former title holders Cain Velasquez and Johny Hendricks are also set for the show.


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Great article posted Tamer, Jon Jones is a beast. His return performance wasn't nothing crazy but he really didn't have to do much to win that fight. I can not wait for Jon Jones to become the official Light Heavyweight Champion of the world at UFC 200. The card is stacked as I'm really curious to see if my boy Edgar will come out with a win!

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I feel like this section meeds more then just one thread since they have a PPV every month, and tons of UFC News but I just finished watching UFC 198 

Some top matches to point out is Chris Cyborg she is a beast. I think if she went full commited to the UFC ahe would easily be the Womens Champion! 

Souza vs Belfort was a slaughter! Souza will easily go against the winner of this upcoming Middlewieght Championship fight! 

The throwdown for the UFC World Heavyweight title match Stipe Miocic vs champion Fabricio Werdum! Holy shit what a knockout strike!!! Miocic the new World Champion!

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On ‎5‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 0:19 PM, Jonathan said:

I feel like Ronda Rousey has a dart board with Holly Holm and Miesha Tate. The Women's Bantamweight Class is looking great with Cris Cyborg becoming a star along with Tate to join Holm and Rousey.

If Cyborg decides to fight for the title I think she has a high chance of becoming the new Bantamweight Champion. Cyborg is just a beats all around and can see her going far but she's a champion in her current network so I respect her for defending it until she's beaten.

UFC 200! Man that card is stacked I think Tate is going to take Nunes, Jones is taking DC and I'm going with Brock over Mark Hunt. However, I don't know how much training Brock has been doing for this event but I know if Mark Hunt gets the right punch it's lights out should be a great fight to watch.

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Not only is Brock Lesnar making his long-awaited return to the Octagon at this Saturday's UFC 200 pay-per-view in Las Vegas, Nevada, he'll actually be headlining the show due to an unfortunate set of circumstances that played out on Wednesday evening.

UFC officially announced via their website that the original headlining bout for Saturday's landmark pay-per-view has been cancelled following the news that interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has been flagged by USADA for a potential Anti-Doping Violation. Due to the extreme short notice, with the show scheduled for this Saturday, UFC decided to pull Daniel Cormier from the show as well, as opposed to trying to scramble to find an opponent to keep him on the card.

In addition to confirming the news regarding the cancellation of the Jones-Cormier 2 title fight for this Saturday, the promotion also announced that former UFC 100 headliner Brock Lesnar will simply move up to the headline spot as he makes his long-awaited fighting return against dangerous knockout artist Mark Hunt.

UFC 200 takes place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 from the brand new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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