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Summerslam on BrendenPlayz!

The biggest party of the Summer, coming soon to BrendenPlayz
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WWE Elimination Chamber

The Road to Wrestlemania officially begins at the Royal Rumble PPV! Discuss all the matches on the show and give your predictions on the winners.
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Chat on Discord!

Join the BrendenPlayz discord channel and chat with fellow members!

Attitude Era Total Extreme Wrestling!

Go back in time and change history! Watch as BrendenPlayz books the World Wrestling Federation as they attempt to fend off WCW from taking the top spot in the wrestling business.
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WWE Wrestlemania 35

The biggest event of the year is coming, discuss the all the news and matches here:
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  • The best of BrendenPlayz will be in action at the BPZ Royal Rumble! Who will win the biggest match of the year?


  1. Just The Beginning!

    Awarded for achieving 10 posts.

  2. Established

    Awarded for being a member of the BrendenPlayz forums for six months.

  3. You're Making Progress

    Awarded for posting 100 times.

  4. One Whole Year

    Awarded for being a member of the forum for one year.

  5. The Future Is Now

    Awarded for achieving 250 posts.

  6. Veteran

    Awarded for being a member of the forums for two years.

  7. Getting the Hang of This

    Awarded for achieving 500 posts.

  8. You're Still Here?

    Awarded for being a member of the BrendenPlayz forums for three years.

  9. The First Thousand

    Awarded for achieving 1000 posts.

  10. You're Home

    Awarded for being a member of the forums for four years.

  11. Can't be Stopped

    Awarded for achieving 2500 posts.

  12. Retiree

    Awarded for being a member of the forums for five years.

  13. Championship Worthy

    Awarded for achieving 5000 posts.

  14. Show Off

    Awarded for achieving 7500 posts.

  15. Main Eventer

    Awarded for achieving 10,000 posts.

  16. The Star

    Awarded for achieving 15,000 posts.

  17. The Face of BrendenPlayz

    Awarded for achieving 20,000 posts.

  18. M.V.P

    Awarded for achieving 25,000 posts.

  19. Premium

    Awarded for being a premium member of the forums.


  1. BPZ Trophy Contest MVP

    Awarded for being the top scorer of the week in the BPZ Trophy Contest.

  2. BPZ Trophy Contest POTR

    Awarded for scoring the best platinum of the round on the BPZ Trophy Contest.

  3. BPZ Championship

    The highest award in BrendenPlayz.

  4. BPZ Intercontinental Champion

    Awarded for being the Intercontinental Champion.

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    • Established

    • One Whole Year

    • Veteran

    • You're Still Here?

    • You're Home