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  2. Orton and HHH for probably the last timer ever against each other in a ring. Should be interesting to see how it goes and if they can put on a good match. Triple H hasnt disappointed in a singles match since WM 32. And Orton has been solid ever since he turned heel. Definitely a historic rivalry. Good to see it one more time
  3. Question 9: Special Spurs Edition With 6 days until the UCL final, rather than creating a debate, I decided to do something different. Here is my question, what is the history of Spurs and the UCL? Their first foray into the Champions League was in the 1961/62 European Cup. Having won the double over legendary manager Bill Nicholson the previous season. In the preliminary round they were drawn against Polish side Gornik Zabrze. Gornik went 4–0 up but Spurs pulled the first leg to 4–2. Spurs went 3–0 up in the second leg, bringing it to 5–4 to Spurs. Gornik pulled one back, bringing it to 3–1 (5–5 aggregate and due to the away goals rule not being used at the time this would have sent the game to a 3rd leg. However Spurs scores another 5 to win the game 8–1 and 10–5 on aggregate. Next was the Round of 16, where they were drawn against Feyernoord. Spurs went 2–0 up in Rotterdam and although Feyernoord pulled it back to 2–1 the first leg finished 3–1 Spurs. In London, Feyernoord pulled it back to 3–2 aggregate by going 1–0 up but Spurs scored to finish the game 1–1 and 4–2 Spurs on aggregate. In the quarter finals they were drawn against Czechoslavakian Dukia Prague. In Prague Spurs lost 1–0 but in London Spurs raced into a 2–0 lead but Prague pulled it back to 2–1 at half time. However 2 goals in a minute in the second half meant Spurs won 4–1 and 4–2 on aggregate sending them through to the next round. In the semi finals they were drawn against defending champions Benfica, who in Lisbon went 2–0 up only for Spurs to bring it back to 2–1 however the match finished 3–1. Yet to lose in London, they were scared by an early Benfica goal but goals either side of half time meant Spurs won 2–1. However they lost 4–3 on aggregate and Benfica went on to win the competition They had to wait 49 years for their next foray into the now named Champions League. After Harry Redknapp took them to 4th in the PL the previous season they would face Young Boys or Fenerbache in the Playoff Round to qualify. Young Boys were their opponents and in Bern, Young Boys raced to a 3–0 lead. Spurs pulled back 2 as the game finished 3–2 but they carried on their unbeaten CL record in London with a 4–0 victory (thanks to a Peter Crouch hat trick) and a 6–3 aggregate win. They were drawn into a group with defending champs Inter Milan, Twente and Werder Bremen. In Bremen Spurs took an early 2–0 lead but goals 2 minutes each side of half time from Werder Bremen made it 2–2. At home to Twente, despite it being 0–0 at half time Spurs went 2–0 up and although future Spurs player Nacer Chadli pulled it back to 2–1, Spurs scored 2 more to win 4–1 and take them to 2nd, only behind Inter Milan on GD. However in Milan, Inter went 4–0 up after 35 minutes but a second half hat trick by Bale (including 2 injury time goals) pulled it to 4–3. Spurs still sat 2nd as they hosted Inter but an early goal from Rafael Van Der Vaart gave Spurs a goal lead at half time. Peter Crouch netted to make it 2 but Inter pulled one back only for Roman Pavlyuchunko get a late 3rd goal to win 3–1. Hosting Bremen, first half goals from Younes Kaboul and Luka Modric have Spurs a 2–0 lead at half time, and Crouch added a first to secure Spurs’ qualification for the Round of 16. Spurs topped the group following the Inter victory and secured 1st palace with a draw at Twente in a 3–3 classic. Spurs took the lead through an own goal but Twente had pulled it back to 1–1 at half time. A Defoe double either side of a Twente goal kept Spurs with their noses in front but a Chadli equaliser finished the game. Drawn to Milan in the RO16, a Crouch goal in Milan following a 0–0 draw in London sent Spurs to the quarter final against Real Madrid. In Madrid, a double either side of half time from future Spurs player Emmanuel Adebayor put Real two up before two more goals have Madrid a 4–0 lead. A defeated Spurs suffered their first home CL defeat on their 10th time of asking when Real won 1–0. Poch has since guided them to 3 consecutive CLs, the first in 16/17 after finishing 3rd the previous season. In a group with Monaco, Leverkusen and CSKA Moscow, they started with a home defeat to Monaco. 2–0 down early on, they pulled it to 2–1 with an Alberwield goal before half time but suffered defeat following a goalless second half. Bottom of the group, they rose to 2nd when a Son goal in Moscow gave them a 1–0 victory. They remained there with a goalless draw in Leverkusen but dropped to 3rd following a 1–0 defeat at home to Leverkusen. In Monaco, a Kane penalty cancelled out a Monaco lead but hopes of topping the group were ended as Monaco scored to win 2–1. Needing a win for them and Monaco to qualify, things started badly when Moscow took a 1–0 lead at White Hart Lane but Alli and Kame bought it to 2–1 at half time. A Moscow own goal gave Spurs a 3–1 victory but a Leverkusen victory meant Spurs finished 3rd The following season a 2nd place finish the previous season put them in the Group of Death alongside Real and Dortmund (and APOEL.) At Wembley Dortmund cancelled out an early Son goal but Kane goals either side of half time gave them a 3–1 victory and 2nd place. A Kane hat trick in APOEL gave them a 3–0 win and they took a trip to Madrid where they drew after an early own goal by Real was cancelled before the half. In Wembley Alli scored either side of the half and Eriksen added to give them a 3–0 lead over Real, and although Real pulled one back Spurs had qualified for the RO16. They were scared in Dortmund when they were 1–0 down at half time but Kane and Son goals carried on their incredible run. A win over APOEL in the final game would give Spurs 1st place and first half goals from Llorente and Son was followed by a Nkoudou second half goal to give Spurs a 3–0 win and first place. Drawn against Juve in the RO16, despite being 2–0 down within 10 minutes a goal in each half by Spurs, Kane and Eriksen respectively, gave them hope in Wembley. And despite being 1–0 up at half time thanks to another Son goal, they lost 2–1 This season isn’t history yet but it’s there best season in the CL so far. We will see whether they win it in the epic clash on June 1st Also please send in more questions and answer my question as to how many debates I should answer in 1 post. Cheers for reading
  4. Serie A was in my top 5. And La Liga has been won by the same team 8 of the past 11 years Yeh I know I was going to put La Liga in automatically but the games are normally very 1 sided and there aren’t that many goals. Also as I mentioned earlier it’s been dominated by the same team which isn’t that exciting and there are only 3 great teams in it, and one of those teams is losing their best player and the other one is in freefall
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  6. Eleventh Match @Blade vs @Prince
  7. Hello everybody! For quite a while I've wanted to do a diary and was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a Smackdown vs Raw brand split co-op sorta thing? I have TEW 2016 so don't worry if you don't have it. I would appreciate anyone signing up! (Orders are welcome in this topic)
  8. Name - Epico Colon Date of Birth - 1988/01/01 Ethnicity - Puerto Rican Skin Colour- Tanned Place of birth - San Juan, Puerto Rico Languages Spoken - Spanish and English Positions - Left Wing, Left Mid Best Stats - Teamwork, Dribbling,Passing , Stamina Worst Stats - Strength, Heading, Tackling, Long Throws Relationships - positive
  9. Born: 24th of August, 2001 Set to debut: October, 2014 Gender: Male Race: Black/African American Nationality: American Based in: USA Status: Active Wrestler Style: High flyer Body Type: Toned Size: Light Middleweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Light Heavyweight Finisher: Hammerlock Brainbuster I PREFER to be heel Face Gimmick: Hero Heel Gimmick: Villain Mask: None Hair: Yes Favored Role: Wrestler Real name: Dontae Pittman Wrestling Name: Triple Fox
  10. This was an amazing first show for AEW. The battle royale was great and Page winning was good since there weren't any other faces in it but 1 or 2 I could see challenging Jericho plus he is one of their boys so of course he will be in a prominent position. Cody vs Dustin was my favorite match, very emotional and I loved the embrace afterwards. I was surprised that The Young Bucks retained the AAA titles. It was a good match but I personally felt there was too much kicking out but a cool spotfest. Great matches from start to finish which is really important for their style and making a first impression, hopefully the entertainment side holds up too because I loved the MJF segment (been a big fan cuz of MLW) but I don't know how well everyone else can promo and such. The AEW belt is beautiful, lots of gold, looks like a real prize. The main event was good, Jericho winning was a pleasant surprise as I doubted their ability to keep the elite from running everything. Don't like the Judas Effect but at least Jericho is still evolving, just look at his awesome entrance to see that. So glad Jon Moxley is signed. If he didn't show up I would have been very disappointed and I think having him and Jericho will make this company. The only thing that bothered me was themes. Besides Kingdom and Judas, everything sounded like copyright free garbage. Good, recognizable themes are important for a wrestler and I hope that's worked on. Maybe I am just too picky but looking at all the modern greats, they have iconic songs. Who is gonna pop for whatever the hell Kenny's music was? Anyway, looking forward to seeing AEW succeed. They have a lot of potential and I will be watching future events.
  11. Full Name: Benny Shiz Date of Birth (1988/01/01) - (1999/01/01): 1998/10/28 Ethnicity: Brown Skin Colour: Brown Place of Birth (City and Country): London, England Languages Spoken: English, Spanish Positions Played (Any up to three): Right Wing, Right Mid Best Stats (Choose four): Dribbling, Passing, Teamwork, Crossing Worst Stats (Choose four): Tackling, Heading, Strength, Long Throws Relationships with people (Positive or Negative): Postive
  12. “You wanted me campaigning isnt that right Brenden, in the middle of this square addressing you and Sameer, and only the two of you. I’m granting your request, my solely on you two, no mentions of any other pursuit shall arise tonight, I have enough to say about the Big Ballers.” “Bemusing is a word that comes to mind instantly when I consider exactly what it is that these men try to preach. It’s so incredibly egotistical, yet they’re adored, so uncompromisingly self-centered, each and every narrative supposedly crafted around them. The world, in their view, is out to get them. Brenden, Sameer, it’s with all so respect that I admit that your names mean nothing to me. It’s not about you, we just want what’s fastened around your waist.” “This isn’t the BPZ of old, where everything revolved around what The Authority did, where the changing of the guard only came when somebody could dethrone Brenden and company, this isn’t the world you created. But I didn’t have to tell you that did I? Perhaps it’s simple coincidence that you take months off after being pushed to the brink by this new generation who concern themselves less and less with the weight your name carries, but view you as just more competitors trying to stop them. You can feel it in every strike, every slam, the Ruthless Aggression coursing through every person that takes the ring with you. They just want what you have, and you’re the only people preventing that. No longer the unstoppable forces capable of being BPZ to their knees, you’re just another tag team, holding onto the world you knew for dear life.” Jonathan smiles up at Sheridan, the two intensely locking eyes as Jonathan tugs the microphone out of her grasp, moving towards the entrance ramp, directing his next words to the back, wherever the Big Ballers could be coupes up. “The two of you come out here, perform the charade that nothing has changed, that you’re the same two men from this company’s infancy. Your half hearted battle cries won’t save you, your promises to endure and endure like it’s a Rocky movie will be unable to rescue you from the situation you’re in. Perhaps it is a Rocky, perhaps it’s Rocky 4 and Drago is comprised to two of us in the ring. How confident are you that you’re Mr. Balboa, because it’s be quite the shame if there was nobody there to throw the towel in for you.” Jonathan allows the microphone to fall to the mat, retreating back to the corner with Sheridan, clearly satisfied with the message the Royal Flush delivered.
  13. don't really care for this match, Strowman wins and we move on.
  14. this match will be unpredictable and epic not gonna lie, and I'm excited for it. The match will go for like 4 minutes but its whatever.
  15. Catching up on MLW currently and finally watched Battle Riot ll. What a fun concept of a match though i feel this one wasn't as good as the first it's hard to not enjoy it. Seeing Dan Severn kick as is worth the time. There is a segment during the show between Brian Pillman Jr & Salina De La Renta that had me rewinding back. I'm becoming a big fan of Myron Reed and his pairing with Rick Swann. Also the Contra Unit
  16. After last night if they don't go with Jericho they will be making a grave mistake. Page is still unknown to most American views and while he is good, he is still not at the level I would trust him with the top title of a new company. Jericho while he is getting up there in age is still there biggest name overall so it's the smart choice from a business standpoint to put a brand new World title onto. He adds instant credibility to that championship.
  17. If it isn't Jericho, I think they're making a mistake. Huge part of AEW's hype wasn't that the elite was starting a company but that one of the greatest ever and WWE mainstay for almost 2 decades Chris Jericho signed. Obviously building new stars is important and Page is a 'foundational piece' but just this opportunity is enough. I don't know Page very well and don't think he should beat Jericho.
  18. Highly unlikely idea : CM Punk Likely Idea: Hangman Page
  19. Hangman Adam Page will be the 1st AEW World Heavyweight Champion.
  20. BiC

    The NXT Generation

    The NXT Generation - Week 1 The show opens up with its brand new intro featuring the best stars on the roster, the commentators. Mauro Ranallo, Pat Mcafee, and former wrestler Daniel Bryan welcome us to the show and the chants of "NXT" rain down on the ring, as the camera looks in the ring, showing the one man who runs it all. Paul Levesque, or better known as the chants that surround him, "Triple H" The New Generation Of Pro Wrestling Levesque would speak about the impact NXT will have on the wrestling world and would speak directly to the fans, thanking them for making this possible before showing the cameras the brand new redesigned stage, as well as announcing tonights main event. Johnny Gargano vs Hideo Itami, two proud NXT members going at it and it is possibly the toughest match to call in a long time, however, before Triple H could finish his speech. The sound of one of NXTs most successful factions would play as they come down to "Shock The System" Kyle O' Reily, Bobby Fish, and most importantly Adam Cole come to the ring and stand in front of Triple H, demanding that they be put into the main event and make it a triple threat. Despite the crowds boos, Undisputed Era remains to be confident as ever. But the sounds of boos soon change to cheers as "The Only And Only" Ricochet makes his way to the ring, standing toe to toe with Undisputed Era, at the sight of a great match, Paul Levesque would also announce another one of tonights matches, as Adam Cole takes on Ricochet. Right Now! - "The Only And Only" Ricochet vs "The Panama City Star" Adam Cole After the war of world just minutes ago, Undisputed Era and Triple H would clear the ring and would leave Ricochet and Cole going one on one, and with the crowd fully behind this decision, the bell rings and both men go at each other. The nearly 15-minute match would be worthy of the main event spot as Ricochet would hit some of his most famous moves and hit unbelievable flips on the Adam Cole, take nothing away from Cole however as he would not only ground Ricochet but nearly end his career with moves such as a brainbuster onto the apron, and the knee to the back of the head. Despite interference from Kyle O' Reily and Bobby Fish, Ricochet would be able to take both of them out and hit the 630 finishing move on Adam Cole, not only picking up a win but impressing many both backstage and in the crowd. Ricochet taunts in the ring as Adam Cole recovers, walking up the ramp, the look in his eye telling us that this feud is just getting started. Built To Destroy A highlight package to the song of "I Need Five" would play, and clips of Big E Langston working out could be seen as the monster of a man flips tractor tires, carries logs, and trains inside a boxing ring as the new Big E Langston is a huge threat to the NXT roster, a message at the end of the package tells us that Big E will be debuting in 2 weeks. Prince Pretty Is Not Impressed One of the men in tonights main event bout would be in a backstage interview with Stacy Catanzaro, Stacy asks Gargano about his road to this brand new NXT and what it means to him, and how he will prepare for Hideo Itami. But before Johnny Gargano could get a full sentence out, one of NXTs former stars, Tyler Breeze would walk into frame wearing his famous, purple jacket. He would use the lense of the camera to check himself out before looking in the face of Johnny Gargano and acting disgusted before walking off, as he does, we go back to the arena. - "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze vs "The Experience" The Velveteen Dream As two of the most exotic and interesting characters on the NXT roster, both Breeze and Dream take their time in there eye capturing entrances, allowing all eyes to go on them, and as the bell rings it would be the same in the ring. Both men do everything they can to be the one people talk about, and whether it be a taunt or a flashy move, it would be 12 minutes of constant one up man ship. Dreams impressive movset would allow him to defeat Breeze, as he hits the 'Purple Rainmaker' elbow drop, which would lead him to victory against "Prince Pretty" and allow him to impress the crowd. As Velveteen Dream celebrates, Tyler Breeze stands up and reaches his hand out, but instead of shaking it, Velveteen Dream grabs it and pulls it close, before kissing his hand and backing out of the ring, leaving the entire crowd confused. The Ace Up The Sleeve William Regel shows up to the ring for the first time of the night and is drowned in chants of "Regel" as he introduces the women of NXT. As the 9 women stand in the ring around William Regel, he announces that with women, we're going to need a championship. But before he can announce the championship and give information on it, the music of Shayna Blazer would walk out to the ring to a huge reaction. Since when was she signed? Shayna Blazer steps into the ring and nods as the 9 women stare on, she walks over to Willaim Regel and grabs the NXT womens championship from his hand, looking at it and then leaving the ring, but before she can leave she is stopped by Toni Storm. Eventually, a brawl ensures and all women are inside and outside the ring. In the middle of the brawl, Shayna Blazer would walk up the ramp and to the back, with the NXT Womens Championship on her shoulder. What is going on?! - American Alpha vs The Ascension The first bit of tag team action would come in the form of a two on two matches, as Chad Gable and Jason Jordan would team up as American Alpha to take on The Ascension. The Ascension, while in recent years may have been an after thought are back in NXT to destroy and as they make there entrance, its obvious what they plan to do. American Alpha would be able to hold off The Ascension for the most part, but eventually, they would break down from the strength of the two large men, and The Ascension would look to win the match. At the last minute however, Jason Jordan would mount a comeback and somehow defeat Konnor, pinning him in the center of the ring as the two partners celebrate. As they walk up the ramp, William Regel would once again step out on stage and announce that starting next week, there will be a tournament with the NXT tag teams to decide the first NXT Tag Team Champions! Release The Dragon Hideo Itami would be cut backstage training for his upcoming main event match, when noticing the camera. Itami would cut a short promo on what his plans are for NXT, and that the big gold belt known as the NXT Championship is in his sights. He says Gargano is nothing but a over hyped crowd chaser, and is ready to take him on, NEXT! - "The Heart And Soul Of NXT' Johnny Gargano vs "The Dragon" Hideo Itami In the first main event of this new generation, it would be Johnny Gargano taking on Hideo Itami. Both men would make there entrances to a large number of cheers and both men would pay respect to each other in the ring. The match itself would be nothing but hard kicks, as Gargano and Itami would attempt to silence and pin eachother, and multiple near falls and big moves would occur, such as Itami hitting a cutter off of the apron to the floor. For 20 minutes, the two would trade some of the heaviest hitting moves the crowd has seen and it would come down to both men on the top rope, Itami would attempt for a hurricanrana off of the top, but would be caught out, and Gargano would hit a middle rope powerbomb. However, he wouldn't be able to recover and the referee would be able to count to ten. The crowd left in confusion as the first ever main event ends in a draw. With Johnny Gargano and Hideo Itami, knocked out from an absolute war. The final shot of NXT TV, is the crowd chanting "NXT" as Hideo Itami and Johnny Gargano struggle to there feet.
  21. In terms of pure in-ring ability, the best horsewoman is Sasha Banks.
  22. The 24/7 title doesn't look bad.
  23. The camera opens on a calm, desolate field. The sun is setting a beautiful hue of red and orange, but the beautiful setting is undercut by a constant sound of ravens cawing. The cawing is near silent at first, but it gets progressively louder and louder as the camera approaches a mysterious figure set in the middle of the field. The ravens surround him, flying around him and cawing all the way, but he remains unflinching. Then, one suddenly lands on his shoulder, alerting him to the cameras presence. He turns and looks directly into the camera, revealing the familiar visage of Sir Raven. Sir Raven's gaze is unwavering, looking directly into the camera. The cawing continues in the background, but all the focus is placed on the Extraordinary Gentleman's face. He finally begins to speak, his voice low and gravelly. I must confess a truth to you, BPZ Universe. The performances I've put on as of late have been somewhat...Dishonest. You see, I may be a noble gentleman, but...This is where I feel most at home... Sir Raven plucks the bird from his shoulder, lifting it with his index finger and looking into its eyes. When I suffered those embarrassing losses as part of SSW Club, this is where I came to calm myself, refocus, and carry on. Surrounded by nothing but familiar loneliness, silence, and the haunting cries of my ravens... Sir Raven gazes back into the camera, letting the bird sit on his index finger as he speaks. I've been coming to this field often as of late...In an attempt to recollect myself and move forward with my career. But the unfortunate truth is...With how I've been handling my career of late, there is no moving forward. When I came to this country, I came with nothing. Nobody to comfort me when I was down, nobody to support me at my lowest point...That's why I joined SSW Club in the first place, really. To feel like I had a place. A place where I belonged...A home away from home. He pauses again, looking once more at the bird and suddenly flicking his finger, causing the raven to fly away. He watches as it flies, reflecting somberly for a few seconds while he observes the creature. I don't walk into that NXT championship match as the most successful participant, or the most threatening, or even the most interesting...The only reason I have eyes on me at all is because I left behind the SSW Club and because I couldn't get the job done against the Intercontinental champion. In my BPZ career, I've been defined by my failures...And at Mayhem, everyone expects yet another one. Another failure from the self-proclaimed "British wrestling legend." He pauses for a second, then turns his gaze directly into the camera. The calm, focused Sir Raven we saw a few seconds ago is replaced by a more wild-eyed man, one who looks ready to strike at any second. That, ladies and gentlemen, means that I'm the man who goes into that match with nothing to lose...I'm the man nobody expects much from, the one who is more alone and ostracized than anyone else in this company, and that makes me dangerous. I look at my opponents, and it's clear they all only step into that ring for the glory. My former allies, the SSW Club, only search for glory. The glory of being NXT champion. The glory of representing this company...I have no interest in that glory anymore. I don't fight for glory. I fight because this is all I've ever known. I fight not because this is my passion, but because this is my livelihood. For my entire life, I've been trained to be a wrestling machine, designed to dismantle and pick apart my opponents...And the one thing I've learned from my tenure here in BPZ is that this façade I've concocted quite simply doesn't work...If I want to succeed...I must return to my roots. Sir Raven then pulls a mask out from his pocket and looks into the eye holes. The mask is revealed to be a familiar one. The mask of the former Birdman, the high-flying hero of the British independent scene. For too long, I have run from my past...I now embrace you...Wholeheartedly... Sir Raven bends his head down to put on the old mask he shed once more, but before he can place it on fully, the camera cuts away. As the screen cuts to black, the only thing that remains is the haunting sound of the ravens cawing, increasing progressively in volume until they suddenly stop, as well.
  24. Johnny Gargano dealing with Knee Injury, also doing work as a producer.
  25. Just simply fantastic. Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes was just absolutely special. Exactly the type of storytelling I've missed. Loved Jericho/Omega and man they went and got Moxley. The war has begun folks, WWE better step up because AEW has just fired a missile and it's coming straight at WWE.
  26. Good luck Meko, this will be a very interesting diary and I hope it succeeds
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