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  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tcvdIFEsEWA The video won’t embed for some reason but this segment may be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. The look on the guy’s face when the cloth is lifted and the dead silence afterwards just adds to the humour of this.
  3. Really enjoyed this show and for the whole 2 hours I was thoroughly engaged. It started off hot with the Kofi attack which was terrific and then continued with some really good matches with Andrade and Crews in the King of the Ring and then of course Buddy Murphy and Daniel Bryan. I was legitimately shocked that Murphy got the clean win over Bryan and this can only do wonders for his career. A good showing in the King of the Ring tournament will further help him and then solidify him as an upper-midcarder in the company. Love the treatment he has received in the last month and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what he can do next
  4. Julius

    WWE Reborn

    Breaking News: It had been rumoured and speculated for weeks but now it has been made official, the Yellow Brand of WWE will now be moving to the home of WWE RAW the USA Network! NXT has featured on the WWE Network for many years now but it is now time for the whole world to experience how talented the next generation of superstars truly are. In addition to the move, NXT will now be extended in length to 2 hours meaning more of your favourite stars will be featured on week to week TV. All those in the WWE are excited to take on this new challenge. The series will continue to emanate from Full Sail University in Orlando the long standing home of NXT. NXT is now truly Reborn
  5. The Women already have one tournament with the Mae Young Classic so I don't think they need two 😀 In all seriousness though it wouldn't be a bad idea because not many women on the roster are actually positioned as stars so having a tournament to boost a few of them wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. They'll probably go with it next year because you know it's good PR but the Women's Division is just so bleak and stale at the moment, they're really losing the star power that Rousey had
  6. Would be a great time here to end Bayley's lackluster run with the SD Women's Championship and give it to Charlotte. The SD Women's Division isn't very stacked at all and with Bayley as champ it's probably descended into being one of the worst division in the company. Her match with Moon at the PPV was very miss able and her feud with Bliss and Cross got really boring and unnecessary at times. Charlotte is a safe pair of hands who can immediately elevate the division just because of the sheer star power she possess. They tried again with Bayley but it just hasn't been able to work out
  7. Today
  8. Smackdown was great tonight! Buddy vs Bryan shocked us all, but I loved the outcome!
  9. Thank you soo much! This is sick!
  10. Hans

    Hans Graphics

    @'The Undisputed' Corey
  11. I went with Buddy Murphy as my figurehead because he is from my hometown and I was there when he won the WWE Cruiserweight Title at WWE Super Showdown 2018
  12. Why'd you go with Buddy Murphy as your figurehead?
  13. Bashka

    Hans Graphics

    I genuinely believe that those SummerSlam cards are some of your best work, they look incredible. They look like designs WWE would actually use so keep up the impressive work Hans!
  14. My dream job would either be a video game designer or work for the WWE Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon WrestleMania 10!
  15. Arius

    WWE Reborn

    Superstar Name: Rin Akane Nicknames: "Osaka's Only Superstar", "The Orchestrator" Height: 5 ft 5 Weight: 59 kg - 130lbs Face/Heel: Heel Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): Hana Kimura Character Backstory: Flashy, confident, Rin Akane was ready-made for the ruthless world of business and entertainment from the jump. Possessing a long fascination for the artistry of combat she considers herself a part of the new wave leaving her distinct style on the canvas of professional wrestling. With an unapologetic attitude, athletic strong build, and sharp tongue, she will utilise all to take her places in the company. Using her extensive martial arts training provided by her upbringing she uses her cunning to bring down giants if they can first see past her extravagant showmanship. Rin wants to continue to further the legacy she's in the process of building, all while representing the client she has linked her career with fellow professional wrestler Arius. In the ring she is distanced and doesn't like cooperating but Rin is a clever person, who sees much more than the others. A very calm but yet dangerous presence Rin fears no one Signature: The Luciola Splash (Corkscrew Moonsault) , Faust (Vertical Suplex Cutter) Finisher: equiem (Indian deathlock) Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop)
  16. BiC

    WWE Reborn

    WWE Reborn: The Draft Results WWE Headquarters - Sunday, August 29th, 2019. The draft has come and gone, the managers have been selected. And its time to reveal the 22 man rosters for both brands, the 5 highlighted superstars for the brands are as follows. Monday Night RAWs First Pick: Seth Rollins Current Universal Champion Smackdowns First Pick: John Cena Current WWE Champion The first two picks were obvious ones, as the world champions would stay the same. As the official rosters are now listed below. Monday Night RAW Roster Seth Rollins - Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Randy Orton Drew McIntyre Cesaro - United States Champion Andrade Rey Mysterio Sheamus Shinsuke Nakamura Lars Sullivan Kevin Owens Elias Tyler Breeze The Miz Sin Cara EC3 Buddy Murphy R Truth Cedric Alexander Gran Metalik Mojo Rawley The Revival - Tag Team Champions War Raiders Authors Of Pain All Americans The New Day The B Team Smackdown Full Roster John Cena - WWE Champion Roman Reigns Adam Cole - Mr. Money In The Bank Aj Styles Daniel Bryan Cody Rhodes - Intercontinental Champion Bray Wyatt Finn Balor Sami Zayn Samoa Joe Apollo Crews Kassius Ohno Tomasso Ciampa Dolph Ziggler Jordan Devlin Rusev Rowan Ali Ricochet Baron Corbin Aiden English Jinder Mahal Fandango The Usos Darkness Rising Lucha House Party The Glorious Ten Daniel Bryan And Rowan Pro Wrestling Empire Gallows And Anderson The Colons __________
  17. The audience turns their attention to the screen, as the titantron goes pitch black, until white lettering saying “29-07-2019” appears and then it transitions to Bashka, in the basement of Wembley Stadium pacing around with unused equipment such as tables and chairs placed around him. He’s clearly sweating from his match earlier in the night when he won the Intercontinental Championship from Julius. After that match he was interrupted by the returning Slim, who claimed he was coming for the belt. Bashka continues to pace around until he gets close to the hand held camera and stares into it, looking extremely pissed. He mutters the words “I’m sick of this sh*t” into the camera before walking towards the door. However, he turns around and starts to deliver a message into the camera. “I’m sick and tired of all of this bullsh*t! I work hard, where’s my respect? Every time I come back everybody turns their heads and says ‘Oh, he’s back again’ and treats me like another worthless wrestler only coming for an easy pay before sliding back home. I did it, I finally proved them wrong and I HAVE GOLD OVER MY SHOULDER, where’s my respect?” “I sat in the back area, ready to make my entrance when I saw Slim enter the building, everybody greeting him with open arms saying they’re glad to see him back. It fuelled a fire inside of my that, and that fire told me that this return wasn’t just going to be another waste of my time, but I was going to make people once again remember the name that was on the tip of everyone’s tongues only a couple of years ago, BASHKA. I was destined for greatness, everybody said I was gonna be the greatest of all time. I believed them. I truly did. What happened?” ”The past couple of years are a blur to me, life moves so quick and the last thing I can remember is Judgement Day 2016. The night I was speared by Ryan Reeves and he took my title home. I remember that night vividly. I couldn’t sleep that night. I remember wondering to myself ‘Where did I go wrong?’ That night was supposed to be my night and yet I left the arena empty handed. Gimmick after gimmick, moniker after moniker and it all ended the same. I got sick and tired of the lack of respect I was shown so I took my ball and went home. So, what changed this time?” ”No other career is for me. I can act in movies all I want, I won’t feel content. I tried to cover up my feeling of failure with other careers, with nicknames I couldn’t live up to, promises I couldn’t make. I tarnished my whole career on several attempts to create a nostalgia act and make people LOVE ME AGAIN. Why couldn’t they just love me again?” Bashka drops his championship on the floor and gets down on one knee, tears dripping from his face as he shows his true passion for his industry ”They didn’t want me anymore, they wanted the new guys. They wanted Slim. Slim made my life a living hell for all these years because I could never live up to what the people wanted and that was him. I have it all, I have the look, the talent, the microphone skills, yet they just wanted Slim. Tonight was my moment, it was the night I finally reinstated my legacy and made everybody realise I’m not just the guy I used to be, me at this current moment is the best Jack Bashka the entire world has ever seen.” Bashka gets back to his feet and lifts up his belt, swinging it back and forth by his side ”Tonight was my moment and it was stolen. The adrenaline coursing through my veins as I lifted up the championship in front of thousands of people, until the dreaded words ‘Kings Never Die’ played and everybody went ecstatic for him. Julius vs Bashka for the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring 2019 will not be remembered as the night Bashka revived his career, it’ll be remembered as the night where Slim came back. It just sickens me that my hard work is being outshadowed by a guy who couldn’t care less about this industry. I have a PASSION for WRESTLING, Slim has an OBSESSION for MONEY.” ”Stolen moments, memories and broken dreams will be the only thing running through my mind as I put my years of suffering to dust and prove to everybody that Slim is just a spoiled, overhyped little bitch.” Bashka grabs the camera out of the camera man’s hand and throws it across the room, cutting out the feed and ending the segment as the crowd ponder Bashka’s words.
  18. Flynn

    Who Is Flynn?

    The crowd give out a mixed reaction as for the second time tonight, the Undisputed Champion, Flynn, graces their screens however in seemingly a more peaceful capacity(if there is ever any peace with this man). He waists little time, marching directly toward the ring, his eyes focused directly on the ring. He steps through the ropes before pacing the ring. He climbs onto one of the turnbuckles, throwing the championship gold above his head before returning to his feet. He removes a microphone from his boot, staring hard at the hard camera. His music fades and finally after what feels to be an eternity, he speaks. Do you people understand just how god damn pestering it is to be the ONLY WRESTLER IN THIS COMPANY THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS! You see for years you’ve seen names come and go. Characters appear and disappear for months at a time or even possibly never return. But you have been given ONE CONSTANT, ONE MAN ON TOP SINCE THE NEAR BEGINNING OF THIS PLACE. That’s me. I hear the stupid “GOAT” talk. I watch all of your ridiculous god damn lists. “BPZ TOP 10” or bullshit like “TOP 5 IN RING WORKERS TODAY”. They rotate. They change month by month but there’s one constant on them all. It’s me. You see while Slim can a damn YEAR LONG vacation from this place, I stay and I bust my ass so those in the back can keep getting a paycheck. While Bailey can float from being BPZ World Champion for a couple of months BACK to working in the offices or even back to obscurity, I REMAIN HERE, making Championships matter, making this god damn company matter. While my Summerslam challenger Bart, takes a two month hiatus following me whooping his ass all over this arena, I REMAINED HERE BRINGING PRESTIGE TO A CHAMPIONSHIP HE DRUG INTO THE DIRT. A championship that now that it matters, he believes he can comeback and take, and all the credit with it. So now I god damn hope some of you damn idiots can see just how hard it is to be me. Tonight I have been facing a bit of an identity crisis. I’m asked in the back in 2019 who is Flynn. Is he “The Beast” or maybe “The King”? Or am I “The Omega”. What is my brand. When I come out here what is it that separates me from everyone else. Simply put the marketers in the back, they can’t figure it out, so they’ve came to me. I wanted to come out to this ring to tell the world who Flynn is. He’s the BPZ Undisputed Champion. That’s who I am. This Championship defines me and I define it. You see while Bart is cutting his stupid little videos from home, I’m standing here in this ring, kicking who’s ever ass that I choose. And I do it all for this Championship. My Summerslam opponent I will recognize has revamped his image. He isn’t “The Villain” anymore no, he’s too heroic for that. He’s taken the side of you people. But it only goes to show the coward the son of a bitch is. I’ve said it for months and he’s only proved me right on every single occasion. Now he hides behind all of you people. But not even you people will keep him safe come Summerslam when I’m whooping his ass pillar to post. Bart, he’s a tremendous athlete. He’s going to be a damn challenge for myself. He’s also a damn coward but something he won’t be come Summerslam is BPZ Undisputed Champion. I have given everything for years for this god damn company, and for years I’ve been shown nothing but disrespect. I’ve been spit on, looked over and undervalued. Until the new Flynn kicked the doors down and ushered in a new era in this shithole. That era continues at Summerslam when I do exactly what Bart couldn’t, I defend this title. You see I’ve accepted that I can’t come out here and call myself “The Goat” or “The King” those are overused, and have been stuffed down your throats for years by overused and frankly, two individuals who don’t come near to what those monickers mean. And so I was pondering in the back as I said earlier, WHO IS FLYNN? And then I remembered. There was an instance where a stupid, snotty nosed brat screamed at me at a make-a-wish where I attempted to fill in for Bart on his multiple month trip. You see Bart was too busy laying around in a hospital bed to visit this child so I stepped in like I always do. However this little brat, he didn’t want Flynn, he wanted Bart. He saw me, and he saw what I did to Bart at the Power Trip Cup Finals. He screamed “Devil”. “Devil”. No matter what I do, who I fill in for or how hard I work, I know how I’m viewed. The kid didn’t hurt me. No I took it as a complement. I am the necessary evil this place needs. I accept my responsibility to give everyone in the back as well as all of you people hell. So finally I leave you with my question again. WHO IS FLYNN? He’s the Undisputed Champion. He’s “The Devil” of BPZ and at Summerslam Bart, you are walking straight into hell. Flynn drops his microphone, a statement made directly for his Summerslam challenger.
  19. bailey14

    A Test

    The GOAT echos throughout the whole arena as The Bailey makes his way to the Ring wearing a new black Jacket with a pair of sunglasses. He enters the ring and grabs a Microphone as the Boos have already started You're going to boo me. You're going to boo The Bailey. You ungrateful punks. The Bailey will send each and everyone one of you to the Smackdown Hotel. You're all a bunch of Jabornis. For Months The Bailey came out here and entertained you. I came out every week and said I was the People's Champion. The Bailey fought in your honor. But that wasn't good enough for you anymore was it. Are you not entertained by me anymore. It's so classic of you all. You move on from one thing to another so quick. In with the old and out with the new right. Well you want to know what is old. Smith's pathetic excuses for his actions over these last few years. It's Sad and distasteful. But of you course none of you Brainless sheep see it. None of you. But the Bailey sees it. Smith cant outsmart the Great One. Hes lying straight through his teeth. He comes out here with pathetic excuses on why he became a druggie. guess what. Just like an addict would do. He's not changed. He probably lit one up righ before he made that promo. Did you see him. Because The Bailey saw him and he looked MESSED up. Talking about pain and stuff. Boo freaking hoo. You want to know what real pain is Smith. You want to know what real stress is. It's carrying a freaking company on your back DAY AFTER DAY. MONTH AFTER MONTH. YEAR AFTER YEAR. Buts thats no excuse for me to take a breather and chill out. Light one up and relax. The Bailey doesn't need drugs in his life to numb the pain. To take away the relief. Only pathetic waste of space scum of the earth need to do that. And just like a no druggie does they find an excuse to why they do what they do. Just like you did. You want to talk about opportunities. You want to talk about getting chances. Well look in the mirror, have you seen yourself. You're a junkie why would any wrestling company give you a chance to succeed? Now look at The Bailey. Look at the Great One. Look at me. I am a Star. I am a physical machine that no one can touch. I have the it factor Smith that a no good druggie like you just doesn't have. Once a druggie always a druggie. Infact Smith. The Bailey Thinks your lying to all these people. The Bailey thinks your making a mockery of this company. And The Bailey thinks your such a manipulate junkie that your lying to yourself. So The Bailey signals for someone to come out as a Man with wearing a suit comes out with equipment. He enters the ring. Being The Bailey and having some pull around here. I have ordered that you Smith take a drug test in front of all these people here tonight. I got a feeling that you have taken some quicker hitters tonight. Hell maybe over the last few weeks. The Bailey is going to expose your candy ass for what you really are and always will be. A no good druggie. I am going to save these people and this company once again from being blindsided and let down by you once again. We can get this all over here tonight and fire your ass right here in The Wells Fargo Center. So Please Smith, if you can actually walk straight and find your way out to the ring please get your candy ass out here now and take this official BPZ drug test.
  20. 2.3k rep, slowly making it in the world after all these years
  21. What is your favorite wrestling match ever?
  22. What’s your dream job?
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