Money In The Bank 2014: 8 Man Ladder Match – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This Sunday’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match has added a demonic new twist with its newest entrant: Kane.

WWE COO Triple H announced the devilish addition on the June 23 edition of Raw. Kane, often considered The Authority’s unofficial “muscle,” joins previously announced competitors Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, United States Champion Sheamus, Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio in the historic Ladder Match, which will be fought for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title. While The Viper and The Devil’s Favorite Demon were placed into the contest by The Authority, the remaining six Superstars all won qualifying matches to earn their coveted spots.

Now finalized, the field of eight is among the most stacked match lineups in WWE history. Collectively, Cena, Orton, Kane, Del Rio and Sheamus boast a remarkable 35 World Championship reigns. None of the three other competitors has ever won a World Title, but Reigns, Wyatt and Cesaro are surely looking to establish themselves as WWE’s premier warrior.

The wielder of the Superman Punch appears intent on getting back at Triple H for his part in breaking up The Shield, while the sinister sermonizer, Wyatt, seems newly interested in possessing the one accolade that equates to complete power and influence in WWE. There’s also The King of Swing, a former U.S. Champion who, backed up by renowned advocate Paul Heyman, just may have the strength, strategy and surgical ring skill to capture the crown.

What will happen when eight of the toughest and most decorated Superstars collide with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship literally hanging in the balance? And what kind of brutality is in store for this Sunday, when steel ladders are not only completely legal, but the only means of capturing the most important championship in the world?

Find out when history is made and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champions is named at Money in the Bank! Available on WWE Network and on pay-per-view, the huge event takes place this Sunday, June 29, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.



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