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WWE Universe Mode Fantasy Results – Week One

LEADERBOARD 1st. la12298 25 points 2nd. EanHansenWrestling 20 points  3rd. TheBigMarn 19 points  4th. quint_in_073 18 points 5th. Alessandro1600 6 points  6th Bailey14 5 points 7th. CM Punk 5 points 8th. Biogoji 3 points 9th. Crossfit 0 points 10th. Jackamanlol31 0 points 11th. johncenarocks123 -3 points  12th. Poiunight -4 points  13th. CobheadJake -12 points...
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Battleground 2014: “Kick Off: Cameron vs Naomi

Even funk, it turns out, has a breaking point. After weeks of dissension led to the dissolution of their partnership, former Funkadactyls Naomi and Cameron will turn their frustration into fisticuffs and compete against each...
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Battleground: Jack Swagger vs Rusev

Can Rusev crush a Real American? That will be the question on the minds of the WWE Universe when former World Champion Jack Swagger and the undefeated Rusev throw hands in a super-heavyweight American-Russian showdown...
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