Payback 2014: Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro – United States Championship

Cesaro will challenge United States Champions Sheamus for the title at WWE Payback on June 1, has confirmed.

The championship contest caps off a recent series of hard-hitting, non-title matches between The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior. The first meeting, on the May 13 edition of WWE Main Event, saw Cesaro and Sheamus brawl outside the ring and into the WWE Universe, resulting in a double count-out. Even after the bell rang, WWE officials struggled to separate the two bruisers; Cesaro attacked Sheamus with a steel chair, but The Dublin-born bruiser rebounded with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus and Cesaro fought again the following week on Raw, where a distraction by Paul Heyman enabled The Swiss Superman to clasp on a waist lock and drill the U.S. Champion with bridging German suplex for the pin. Sheamus offered a congratulatory handshake afterward, but the smug Cesaro brushed it off, adding fuel to the fire of the already personal rivalry.

Then, on the May 23 edition of SmackDown, Cesaro attacked Sheamus during his bout against Alberto Del Rio, laying out and mockingly shaking the hand of the floored U.S. Champion.

With the prized U.S. Title at stake and both Superstars looking to beat respect into the other, who will emerge from Chicago with the United States Title? Will the Cesaro Swing find its mark, giving way to a Neutralizer and Cesaro’s second U.S. Championship reign? Or can Sheamus’ Beats of the Bodhran and Brogue Kick help The Celtic Warrior retain the title?



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