Payback: Ryback vs Randy Orton (c) – WWE Championship Match Preview



Randy Orton’s journey to destroying the group he was once apart of Authority has almost come into action, with the WWE Champion taking out the Authority’s champion at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, to capture and retain the WWE Championship. Orton has ruined the plans of the CEO of the WWE Triple H, whom wants to hand pick the WWE Champion for Monday Night RAW and have full control of who represents the WWE as the face of the company. With Orton taking Lesnar out of the title picture and sending him to Friday Night Smackdown, Triple H was in need of a new challenger to step up and take down the champ.

Over the course of two weeks of Monday Night RAW, several Number One Contender matches occured. With Ryback defeating the emerging Roman Reigns to earn his place in the second and final contendership match, he would face Daniel Bryan who defeated Alberto Del Rio. Bryan and Ryback would then meet in in the Main Event of RAW,  where the former “King of Smackdown” would defeat Bryan to earn his place in the Payback match against Randy Orton.

Despite this victory, the biggest talking point coming out of this match was the appearance of RAW General Manager and CEO Triple H at the aftermath of the Ryback vs Daniel Bryan Match-up. Ryback would leave the ring and would have his arm raised and would gain praise from the Authority and it would seem as though Ryback had joined the Authority officially despite working with them in the past whilst on Smackdown.

Is this the last roll of the dice for the Authority at Payback? Can their new member in Ryback defeat Randy Orton and bring the title back in the hands of the Authority, or will the WWE Champion and the Viper knock off Ryback and continue his dominance over the Authority and come one step closer to bringing the group to its demise.

Find out when the Payback PPV airs exclusively to the BrendenPlayz youtube channel.

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