Smackdown vs Raw 2008 GM Mode – #31 “No Mercy Pay Per View”

The long awaited No Mercy has arrived, superstars on Smackdown have been battling it out for the past few months to earn their way into championship contendership in the hopes that they will capture gold at the big show.

This is the first Smackdown exclusive PPV in quite some time, with Summerslam being a pit stop in between our last PPV, however championship gold hasn’t been at risk for months apart from the World Heavyweight Championship.

Will the Elimination Chamber have mercy on its 6 participants, all fighting for the United States Championship, as “The Game” Triple H enters for his toughest title defence since becoming the champion. The Undertaker will look to destroy CM Punk and solidify is championship reign by being the “Last Man Standing”.

Will there be Mercy on our superstars? Find out all this plus much more in this episode of “WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008” “General Manager Mode”.


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