It s been regarded as the most important PPV in the history of WWE Universe Mode. Our two brands, Smackdown and RAW will compete against each other for brand supremacy and for “Bragging Rights”. With the competition among the two brands growing rapidly, both brands will be put to the test by nominating their top superstars to compete against each other, in hopes to represent their brand to victory!

Match Card




The WWE Championship has been home to some of the classic matches throughout the history of Universe Mode on WWE 2k14. At Bragging Rights the Fatal Four Way match between Ryback, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan has the opportunity to be one of those classics.

Since winning the WWE Championship, Randy Orton has been on a path of redemption against the Authority, with PPV victories over former Authority champion Brock Lesnar and new authority affiliate Ryback. Orton continues to prove Triple H’s remark that Randy isn’t good enough to be champion to be wrong, by knocking off many of the top superstars on Monday Nights, week after week.

Ryback has now been shouldered the burden of carrying the reigns of the Authority and has been given the task of taking down Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship back into the Authority’s control. Ryback, the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE Universe Mode history, has been hot and cold in his return to RAW, with the occasional victories over top stars, but the abundance of losses at the same time. Triple H and Paul Heyman have questioned Rybacks ability to be the face of the WWE, so will Ryback accomplish his new objectives?

Roman Reigns recent split from The Shield has amounted in new opportunities to step into a major singles role on RAW. His unsuccessful match against Ryback, left him out of the title picture in the lead up to Payback, but Reigns would soon have the opportunity to redeem himself with a match against Kane. Reigns would go on to defeat Kane to earn his spot in the fatal four way match. Reigns has yet to make an impact as a singles competitor, winning the fatal four way at Bragging Rights would put Reigns on the map and make him an instant singles star on RAW.

Perhaps the unluckiest superstar in the WWE Universe Mode series has been Daniel Bryan. Bryan has never had the opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship in a one on one environment, with his only opportunity being in a six man Elimination Chamber match. Bryan has continued to prove that he is deserving of a top spot on RAW with many major victories on RAW for the past 8 months. Bryan has continued to vocalize his frustrations with the Authority and once again has been snubbed of a one on one opportunity at Bragging Rights. Will Bryan finally get his first singles championship win?



The battle to be the top dog in the Smackdown yard has never been more prominent. Two men, John Cena and Undertaker have both held the championship in the past month and are looking to secure their place as the best of the best on Smackdown.

John Cena continues to turn his career around after a miserable 2013 in Universe Mode. Cena has revolutionized his career since moving over to Smackdown and is now considered to be one of the best superstars in universe mode again after a long absence from the top.

Undertaker since his return has risen to success with major victory after victory on PPV. The legendary Phenom continues to prove the fans that he has still got “it” and is still the very best that the WWE has to offer, as he is now the Champion of the World!

These two legends will lock horns at the first ever Bragging Rights PPV in WWE 2k14 Universe Mode. Both men are renowned for never quitting and rarely ever have submitted throughout their entire career. The added element of a submission match will test these legends will to win and their determination to be the very best on Smackdown.

Who wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion more?




The Rated-R superstar and the Smackdown General Manager wanted to take Bragging Rights to the next level. He wanted to make a match that we had never seen before, between two legends that we have not seen compete in singles competition on Universe Mode. Edge set the match for Bragging Rights, “Legend vs Legend” a RAW Legend vs a Smackdown Legend. With the winner earning their respective brand a win in the Bragging Rights competition.

Edge immediately named his legend in Bill Goldberg. Goldberg had recently returned to representive Smackdown for one night only at the Wrestlemania 30 PPV. Where he and two other Smackdown competitors faced a team of 3 RAW superstars in a six man tag team match to determine which brand had supremacy and to win the number one draft pick in the 2014 draft. Edge promised Goldberg a favour and another opportunity to shine at a later date for his winning efforts at Wrestlemania. Goldberg was brought back by Edge on a recent episode of Smackdown and was announced at the legend to face Paul Heymans chosen legend at the PPV.

Paul Heyman decided to wait for as long as he could before choosing his legend. Heyman promised the WWE Universe Mode fans that he had a huge surprise up his sleeve that would give the RAW the advantage heading into the Pay Per View. On episode 87 of Universe Mode, Paul Heyman revealed his legend. It was revealed that attitude era legend and one of the greatest superstars in the history of the WWE “Stong Cold” Steve Austin would wrestle for RAW at Bragging Rights. Austin would make his first appearance in Universe Mode history by appearing on RAW. Austin stated that he had been training for years for the right moment to return to the ring for one last big match. Austin called out Goldberg saying that he and Goldberg were characterized as similar people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He wants to prove to the fans that he and Goldberg are two different entities and that he is the better out of the two legends.

At Bragging Rights, two attitude era legends will compete. In what could be classed as a WCW vs WWE match, now turned into a Smackdown vs RAW contest. This is perhaps one of the biggest matches in the history of Universe Mode. Which legend will have their Bragging Rights?




BR divas



The new Divas Champion Paige has risen the ranks in the divas division, like nobody else. Paige, for months was lingering around, with her opportunities few and far between. The Divas championship looked beyond her reach, but with the opportunity on RAW in a fatal four way match, Paige made her mark. Paige continued from their, knocking off more of the top divas in the division and powered her way up the ranks in the division to the point where she forced her way into a Divas Championship match at Payback against Aksana. Paige would defeat Aksana in emphatic fashion to capture her first Divas Championship victory in Universe Mode.

Whilst Paige was continuing to dominate the Divas Division, we also saw the reemergence of Natalya. Natalya has been a pivotal part of the Divas division throughout her time in the series but has yet to capture championship gold in the series. Natalya’s last opportunity for the Divas Championship came at Wrestlemania 30 against Aksana where she was unsuccessful in her attempt to win the gold. Natalya began struggling to recapture her better days but in recent weeks in the lead up to Bragging Rights, Natalya has turned it around with major victory after victory. Natalya was offered the chance to face Naomi on episode 87 of Universe Mode on RAW in a number one contenders match. Natalya continued her impressive run by knocking off Naomi, earning her the right to face Paige at the PPV.

Will Paige’s great winning run continue or will Natalya finally clinch her first championship win?

BR us vs ic



Two of the best superstars that both RAW and Smackdown have to offer will clash at the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV. Seth Rollins has been a renowned as one half of the  greatest tag team in the history of WWE Universe Mode. CM Punk has gone from being on top of the world down to the bottom of the totem poll and now with his recent change to Smackdown he is back at the top. These two superstars have emerged to be their brands Intercontinental and United States Champions.

At the Bragging Rights PPV it is time to find out which superstar will reign surpreme for their brand. Which champion who holds their brands minor championship will represent their brand and win a much needed point in the Bragging Rights competition. The question has been asked on numorous occasons, who would win between the Intercontinental and the United States Champion? At the Bragging Rights PPV, it is time to answer that question.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins will face off, the winner will earn their brand a Bragging Rights win. Which champion will have Bragging Rights?

BR tg tam



The tag team championship was shaken up after Wrestlemania with the announcement that the tag team division will be split up and become a separate entity on the two brands. With that, the Smackdown brand was given a brand new World Tag Team Championship to defend on their brand exclusively. With that, the Universe Mode veteran team in Mysterishow has emerged up the rankings and soared into a championship match against the Prime Time Players at Payback and has successfully won the championships. Mysterishow have been a wrecking ball, with numerous tag teams suffering a loss by the hands of the Worlds Largest Athlete and The Biggest Little Man.

On the contrary, we have seen the brand new team of Sheamus and Rob Van Dam, the Celtic Thunder blossom into top tag team on Monday Nights. With their huge clash against the Charisma Code occurring at Payback, it has become clear that the Thunder have surprised the Universe Mode fans and have quickly become the best that RAW has to offer.

At Bragging Rights we will find out which tag team is the best in the WWE. The WWE and the World Tag Team champions clash in a battle of epic proportions. These two great Universe Mode teams have the opportunity to represent their brand and allow their brand to take one step closer to Bragging Rights.

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