WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – #53 “The Elimination Chamber Pay Per View”

The Elimination Chamber, the final hurdle for our champions before Wrestlemania. The last stop for our superstars to earn their way into the big event and make a name for themselves in Universe Mode. Two Elimination Chamber matches will occur, one for each brand RAW & Smackdown. Both our major championships will be defended in each chamber. The Elimination Chamber is perhaps considered the most barbaric, demonic and brutal structures that the WWE has to offer, this is the ultimate test of will power and strength from our champions who have both dominated their respective brands for the past number of months. Will they survive?

#1 2:03 United States Championship Extreme Rules Match: Big E (c) vs Curtis Axel
#2 7:46 Divas Championship Match: AJ Lee (c) vs Aksana
#3 14:00 WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Prime Time Players (c) vs The Shield
#4 21:31 Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Damien Sandow
#5 27:56 Winner Main Events Wrestlemania, If Rock loses he will retire: The Rock vs Randy Orton
#6 42:49 RAW Elimination Chamber WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs John Cena vs Big E vs CM Punk
#7 59:57 Smackdown Elimination Chamber World Heavyweight Championship: Ryback (c) vs Batista vs Undertaker vs Mark Henry vs Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio


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