WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – #61 “The Final Countdown”

It has been ONE year in the making, but Wrestlemania is ALMOST here! This is the final episode of Universe Mode before the grandest stage of them all will be apon us.

On this weeks edition of Smackdown & Main Event, we will find out which 3 men Triple H will choose to be apart of his Smackdown team that will face RAW at Wrestlemania, with the winners winning the right to have the first draft pick for their brand in the 2014 draft.

Plus, two huge matches! Undertaker & Ryback will face off, while Rusev looks to get one up against Wade Barrett before his title match opportunity at Wrestlemania 30.

Find out all this plus much more in the FINAL episode of “WWE 2k14 Universe Mode” before Wrestlemania 30.

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