WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – #62 “Wrestlemania 30”

It is renowned as the “WWE’s Superbowl” its the biggest show of the year, it is Wrestlemania 30! Wrestlemania is without a doubt the grandest stage of them all, it gets no bigger and it gets no better than Wrestlemania. This will be the FIRST ever Wrestlemania pay per view on WWE Universe Mode and it just happens to be the 30th anniversary of the event! This is the night where legends are made, careers are revived and the new breed battle off against the old breed. The fight for supremecy has never been more prominent than Wrestlemania 30, this is the night where our Universe Mode superstars will step up to solidify their careers as legends on the series.

#1. 3:56 PRE-SHOW: Divas Championship Match: Aksana (c) vs Natalya
#2. 19:36 United States Championship: 6 Man Battle Royal Match: Big E (c) vs Curtis Axel vs Fandango vs Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam vs Adam Rose.
#3. 32:12 WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Shield (c) vs Edge & Christian.
#4. 56:26 Intercontinental Championship: Triple Threat Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Rusev vs Mark Henry
#5. 1:18:58 Six Man Tag Team Match: Team SMACKDOWN vs Team RAW.
#6. 2:02:22 “The Streak”: Hell in a Cell Match: Undertaker vs Chris Jericho.
#7. 2:17:49 World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ryback (c) vs Batista.
#8.2:40:46 WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Triple H vs Randy Orton.


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