WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – #74 “The New Member”

Tonight is one of the most important nights in Universe Mode for Daniel Bryan as he looks to take down “The Big Guy” Ryback to become the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship. Bryan has yet to receive a one on one opportunity for the WWE title since being on RAW, if he beats the former “King of Smackdown” tonight he will have finally earned himself that chance.

Ryback has had a tough transition from being on top of the world on Smackdown to now being on Monday Night RAW. With a few losses in recent weeks, Ryback looks to turn it all around and build on the momentum he gained after beating Roman Reigns last week by finishing the job against Bryan tonight. Will Ryback beat Daniel and go on to beat the champion for the Authority?

Plus we have a star studded six man tag team match featuring many of the top tier stars here on RAW. What will happen? Find out all this plus much more in this edition of “WWE 2k14 Universe Mode”.

Will Triple H accept Brock Lesnars challenge? Discuss it here:


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