WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – Smackdown Elimination Chamber Promo

The self proclaimed “king of Smackdown” Ryback has dominated the brand ever since winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Mark Henry at Hell in a Cell. Many have challenged him but many have also fallen to “The Big Guy”. But Ryback faces his biggest challenge yet as champion, for the first time in his title reign he will have to defend his championship in a match with more than one opponent, but not only that there will be 5 of them!

Two returning legends have made their way back to the WWE and to Smackdown, Batista and The Undertaker. Both appearing for the first time in Universe Mode at the Royal Rumble PPV in the Rumble match. There were a number of qualifying matches that took place on Smackdown to determine the participants of the Elimination Chamber match for Smackdown. Batista dismantled Christian to earn his way in and The Undertaker managed to defeat Chris Jericho in his return match. Former World Heavyweight Champions Mark Henry and The Big Show both qualified with Henry knocking off Swagger and Big Show beating former rival Sheamus. The final participant in the match Alberto Del Rio upset Cesaro to claim his spot.

This chamber is going to be a “huge” one with everyone in this match being of huge size with the exception of Del Rio who has been dubbed the “underdog” in this match. Can Ryback retain his championship and continue his reign as the “King” of Smackdown?


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