WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – Wrestlemania 30: Ryback (c) vs Batista – World Heavyweight Championship

Perhaps the most successful change of brands in the history of Universe Mode came from the current World Heavyweight Championship. A man that was stuck in the middle of the card, barely featured on the weekly shows has now made the transition over to Smackdown and has become arguably the most dominant man on the roster.

One man who helped establish Smackdown was the returning Batista. Batista returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble where he was in the final two of the match only to lose to Randy Orton. Randy Orton went on to sign Batista to the blue brand to represent Smackdown in the Elimination Chamber where he was narrowly edged out in the Elimination Chamber match. However Batista vowed to earn his way into the title match at Wrestlemania by challenging Ryback to a match at Wrestlemania, which Ryback declined.

Ryback was unimpressed by Batistas returning, referring to Batista as washed up and a has been. He asked Batista to earn his way into the match by proving that he still had it, that he was still the Batista of old. Batista began facing off with Smackdowns best superstars, where he began with a rocky start against Mark Henry but he went on to dominate the likes of Sheamus and Chris Jericho to prove to COO Triple H that he was the rightful Number One Contender. Triple H made the match official for Wrestlemania 30.

Ryback is the self proclaimed King of Smackdown, but will Smackdowns former champion Batista cap off his grand return by dethroning the king and taking back his position as the face of the blue brand?


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