WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – Wrestlemania 30: Undertaker vs Chris Jericho – Hell in a Cell “The Streak Match”

Chris Jericho has been a prominent superstar throughout the year that was. But its been no secret that Chris Jericho has been plagued by the fact that he has failed to win “the big one” time and time again.
The Undertaker made his WWE 2k14 Universe Mode debut by entering the Royal Rumble Match. He then was signed to Smackdown where he took down Jericho to earn his spot in the Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Jericho, frustrated that he failed to win the big one again, attacked Undertaker moments before the match to sneak into the match.
Jericho was once again unable to win the match and he was left to deal with an angry deadman on Smackdown, as Undertaker challenged Jericho to a match at Wrestlemania. Interim general manager Triple H made the match official, but decided to raise the stakes by making the match a Hell in a Cell match.
There is no bigger match than the streak match, if Jericho wins this match he will kill the greatest streak in wrestling history. Can he submit his name in the history books and win the biggest match of his life?

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