The biggest party of the Summer returns to WWE Universe Mode! Its the mid way point through the WWE Universe Mode year and our superstars and divas are looking to make a major impact on one of the biggest shows of the year. The stars have arrived and are ready to finish their Summer on a high note.

The following is the official line up for the PPV, including PPV match previews and promo videos for the show as well as the official video for the PPV itself.





The greatest rivalry in the history of WWE Universe Mode continues as The Rock challenges the WWE Champion Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Their saga began at the Vengeance PPV last year where Randy Orton was sent packing by The Rock in a Hell in a Cell match, with both men’s careers on the line, The Rock pinned Orton to keep his career alive and complete a successful comeback to the WWE.

Fast forward to the Survivor Series PPV where Randy would make his return to help The Authority defeat Team People, however it wasn’t until the Elimination Chamber PPV where The Rock and Randy Orton would officially meet again in singles action. The opportunity to Main Event Wrestlemania was on the line, it was The Rocks one last chance to have a championship match, but it would Randy Orton who once again spoiled the party by defeating The Rock and sending The Rock into immediate retirement.

The Rock would come out of retirement thanks to a phone call from Ortons longtime rival Triple H. Triple H would reinstate The Rock to face Orton at Summerslam for the WWE Championship, a title that Orton has held since Wrestlemania. The Rock has repeatedly said that he isn’t back to face Randy Orton, hes back to win the WWE Championship, the one achievement that alluded him during his last run in the company. These two men are at one win a piece, with Summerslam being the deciding match between the two, everything is on the line. Pride, passion, success, ego and more importantly the WWE Championship.

The conclusion to the greatest rivalry in the history of WWE Universe Mode will occur at Summerslam. Will Randy Orton live to fight another day as WWE Champion, or will The Rock finally achieve greatness and define his legacy as one of the greatest of all time.




The legendary Undertaker continues to defy the odds by winning big matches on a consistent basis by knocking off the biggest names that Smackdown has to offer.But perhaps, his toughest opponent is only just around the corner as a newcomer to the top of the card Bad News Barrett has earned the opportunity to define his legacy against one of the greatest of all time.

Barrett who has held the Intercontinental Championship multiple times throughout the series, has struggled to take the next step to the top of the Smackdown roster, he continued to prove that he hang with the top stars of Smackdown with impressive performances throughout the past six months, but it was the recent victory of John Cena that stepped him across the line as the next big contender for the World Heavyweight Championship on a recent episode of Smackdown. Barrett proved that he could compete among the best of the best and has now got the chance to have his first one on  one World Heavyweight Championship match against The Undertaker.

The Deadman has proven time and time again that he is one of the best that the WW has ever seen. Ever since his huge Wrestlemania win against Chris Jericho, The Undertaker has been a man on a mission and has looked to mark his territory on Smackdown as the ruler of the yard. His dominate victory against John Cena at Money in the Bank officially proved that his legendary status is in full force. He removed John Cena from the title picture by defeating him on the last episode of Smackdown in convincing fashion, giving him the confidence and momentum heading into Summerslam against Barrett.

Its the legend vs the new comer, in what is sure to an epic encounter. Can the World Heavyweight Champion continue to defy the odds by winning another big match, or can the young and coming star Bad News Barrett begin his journey towards greatness by winning his first major championship.


Two former colleagues have turned into two extreme rivals, as the former member of The Authority Brock Lesnar and the leader of The Authority Triple H will face off one more time at the upcoming Summerslam PPV. At the Payback PPV, these men first met in a No Holds Barred match which saw the demise of Brock Lesnar, as Triple H managed to pin Lesnar to take the victory. But it was the incident that occurred after the match that has sparked revenge for Lesnar as Triple H continued to assault Lesnar post-match, which saw a brutal ending to a rough night for Lesnar which sent him on the shelf for over two months from the hands of his former boss.

Both Triple H and Brock Lesnar ruled the landscape of the WWE on Monday Night RAW. Lesnar was the Authority’s champion and Triple H had the power to ensure that his champion was well managed as Lesnar would cruise to PPV victory after victory, which saw his championship reign extend to 8 months. However, it was the treatment of Brock Lensar by Triple H when he would evidently lose the championship at Wrestlemania 30, that  saw Lesnar exiled from The Authority and sent over to Smackdown.  But Brock Lesnar would not leave without revenge, he would continue to appear on RAW to try and take down The Game.

Brock Lesnar would return at Money in the Bank and would make an emphatic statement by hitting a F-5 on Triple H after his WWE Championsihp match to send a statement to Triple H that he was back and he was back for vengeance. Triple H and Brock Lesnar would compete a couple of tag team matches on both RAW and Smackdown but it would be Triple H who would continue to have the last laugh with two victories of Lesnar to take his win count to 3 wins and 0 losses against Lesnar.

At Summerslam, the rematch that we have all been waiting for will finally happen. It will be Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in what is sure to be a physical match that could be the end of either of these legends careers.



The Wyatt Family take over is now in full force, but the Wyatt’s aren’t stopping at the World Tag Team Championships, they’re looking to take out two high profile names on Smackdown in Batista and CM Punk. Punk, whom has been a target of Bray Wyatts’s for some time, found himselflosing the Intercontinental Championship at the Money in the Bank PPV and has since been on the receiving end of a number of brutal assaults by The Wyatt Family. Punk has declared his desire to challenge Bray Wyatt again for the Intercontinental Championship, but has put that on the back burner as he looks to make a major blow to the Wyatt’s dominance by taking away the World Tag Team Championships with long-time rival Batista.

Batista and Punk haven’t exactly been the best of friends, in fact it is clear that both of them have been out to stop each others success in its tracks in hopes that they will become the face of the blue brand.  Back at Extreme Rules, Batista was involved in a heated battle with the likes of CM Punk in a quest to earn the World Heavweight Championship which he successfully achieved, however since losing the title his spot on the card has been in jeopardy from the likes of Bray Wyatt and his followers.

Erick Rowan instigated the heated rivalry between himself and Batista. Rowan would attack Batista post match for no apparent reason other than to send a message to the Smackdown locker room. Batista vowed to get revenge on Erick Rowan but as the weeks went by, the mysterious Rowan would continue to gain the upper hand on Batista, which lead to Batista calling upon Punk for help with a common enemy. Punk and Batista would put their differences aside to team up to both get their revenge on the Wyatt’s, with frequent matches occurring over the past number of weeks to try and stop the take over.

However, with their leader enforcing his plan on his followers and his message being heard by more than ever, it is clear that the Wyatt Family machine is in full force and will be almost impossible for a disfunctional team of CM Punk & Batista to beat.

At Summerslam, can The Wyatt Family be stopped by an unlikely alliance? Can Bray Wyatt be taken back a notch by his bitter rival CM Punk? Will Erick Rowan finally get what he deserves from the hands of Batista? Or will the domination continue?



The emergence of Seth Rollins has caused a complete uproar within the superstars challenging for the United States Championship title, including his Summerslam opponent Dolph Ziggler. Seth Rollins, a main stay of the tag team division broke away from his long time tag team to challenge for the United States Championship and immediately won the title and took the spot away of a number of challengers. He has proven that he deserves to be the champion, by defending his championship against his former friend and new rival Dean Ambrose at Money in the Bank dispelling any rumours that his victory may have been a fluke.

Dolph Ziggler on the other hand was so close to finally claiming gold. He was “screwed” out of the champinship by Cesaro at Extreme Rules and found himself in a Fatal Four Way match at Payback which Rollins was able to “steal” the victory. Ziggler has since fallen away from the contenders list and has struggled to do enough for the RAW General Manager to notice him, in hopes he could earn another championship match.

The recent United States Championsip Tournament has opened up a huge avenue for all of our top competitors on Monday Nights, to challenge one another to progress through the tournament in hopes to finally earn a championship match. Dolph Ziggler cruised through the first round by knocking off Curtis Axel, but a much tougher opponent would be lie ahead for Dolph in the second round, Roman Reigns. Reigns proved no match for “The Show Off” and Ziggler would face Kane in the final of the tournament.Whilst the tournament was comencing, Ziggler would have to face the likes of Cesaro and Ambrose on Main Event as a tune up match for him heading into the tournament final, by Ziggler was upset by his respective opponents leaving much doubt in the fans minds of Zigglers ability to win the tournament. Kane and Ziggler would go back and forth in a competitive match but it would be Dolph Ziggler who would finally earn himself a fair one on one opportunity for the United States Championship at Summerslam.

Seth Rollins recently knocked off the WWE Champion Randy Orton, so Zigglers chances of victory could be slim as our champion Rollins continues to show his dominance on RAW.

At Summerslam, we will finally see Dolph Ziggler have a fair chance for victory, but it could be extremely difficult to walk away as the United States Champion as Seth Rollins is on a mission to take over RAW.

Divas Title



The Divas division has been shaken up with the recent return of our Divas Champion Paige who was out of action for four weeks with injury. Whilst she gone, we saw all of the divas step up to try and fill he spot in an attempt to try and become the number one contender for her championship. At the Money in the Bank PPV we saw six of the top Divas take each other on in a six Diva Ladder Match,  the winner of the match was Brie Bella who came in as a major surprise to win the match but she has continued to prove that she deserves this opportunity.

Brie Bella has been recently accompanied by her sister Nikki as she has continued to battle through the rest of the division, despite her struggling in recent months, her recent major victory at Money in the Bank PPV has given her the new found confidence that she is once again capable of regaining her championship status that she once had this time last year.

Paige on the other hand has made a very underwhelming return to the division. The night after Money in the Bank PPV her return to Monday Night RAW saw Paige’s return spoiled by Nikki Bella who pinned her whilst her sister watched on. Since then, Paige continued to struggle and saw a number of defeats until she was able to finally get her first victory against Summer Rae on Smackdown. Paige has still been hit and miss and hasn’t been able to remain consistent heading into Summerslam.

Both Divas have proven that they can win the big one, but going on recent form, Paige’s championship reign could be in major trouble by the hands of Brie Bella. Can Paige turn the page in her championship reign and look beyond her recent downfall to overcome one half of the Bella Twins?



The recent pairing of former Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and former United States Champion Big E has sent shock waves throug the tag team division on RAW.Not only has these two power houses formed a strong team, they have been joined by long time WWE Universe tag team member of Xavier Woods to top off their new group, The New Day. It truly is a new day for these three men, after losing their championships it seemed as though Kingston and Big E would struggle to regain their top spots on their respective brand. For months, Kingston was unable to string back to back victories together, whereas Big E tore through the RAW division like none other, even coming close to winning the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber. Now, these two are looking for a fresh start and with their pairing with Xavier Woods, it seems as though their “New Day” has been a memorable one.

On the contrary, two men who have had a chip on their shoulders have been knocked back a few steps after losing the WWE Tag Team Championships. One of these men in Chris Jericho was able to re-enter the single’s division and become the new Money in the Bank holder, whereas the other was on hiatus with injury up until recent, however Captain Charisma Christian has returned with a vengeance. The Charisma Code is now back and they returned putting their long time rivals The Celtic Thunder back in their place and they even stopped the new team of NXT Generation from taking their spot at Summerslam with a huge victory in the number one contender match over the young team.

We saw a glimpse of what to expect at Summerslam when these two teams met for the first time on RAW a number of weeks ago, with the Charisma Code finding themselves the victor on that occasion. However, that hasn’t stopped The New Day from continuing to impress in their short run as champions as they held their own against some of RAWs best teams in the build up towards Summerslam. But one thing is for sure, at Summerslam we will be seeing two of RAWs best teams on showcase, one brand new team and one team returning to the division, both are looking to stamp their authority on Monday Night RAW.

Can The New Day survive one more day as tag team champions, or can the Charisma Code continue to prove their dominance by reclaiming the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Summerslam will air exclusively to the BrendenPlayz youtube channel, you can check out the channel right here:


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