Welcome to the BrendenPlayz WWE Universe Mode Power Rankings! Every week, our superstars and divas are ranked based on their recent performances in the ring. The rankings are determined by the caliber of their opponents and the magnitude of their wins and loses. With this list, the WWE Universe Mode fans will be able to see weekly progress on their favourite superstars and divas and have a visual on where they currently sit in the WWE rankings. The rankings will provide insight on how far away the superstars and divas are from earning a opportunity for a championship. The rankings will be updated weekly once both RAW & Smackdown episodes go to air.

Special thanks to our friend Monda for helping contribute to the power ranking by compiling this great list!


Superstar PhotoSuperstar NameBrand NameThis Weeks RankLast Weeks RankChangeChampionship BeltNotes
CM PunkCM Punk smackdown small14arrow-up-greenheavyweight-championOnce again The Best In The World proves why he deserves the moniker. Punk answered Jericho's rematch clause with a beating, winning against Y2J on Smackdown to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. But, we did see Kevin Owens make a statement towards Punk after the match, how will Punk respond?
dolph zigglerDolph Zigglerraw small21red-arrowus-championIt was a week off for the showoff (pun intended) as we didn't see Ziggler at all this week. Ziggler falls here because of Punk's great week. When will we see Ziggler again? Who will stop his title reign?
rollinsSeth Rollinsraw small32red-arrowwwe-championRollins drops this week after losing in a tag team match on Raw to Daniel Bryan and The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Reigns seems to be the Number One Contender, but will Bryan also step up again, possibly causing a triple threat, which wouldn't be good for Rollins. Rollins, anyway, hasn't been that great on Raw lately. He was pinned by Randy Orton last week and this week loses to Bryan and Reigns. How will Rollins rebound?
usosThe Usossmackdown small46arrow-up-greenworld tagThe longest reigning World Tag Team Champions kept on winning this week, beating Adam Rose and Bo Dallas on Main Event and Miz and Mizdow on Smackdown. The Usos have been simply dominant in Smackdown's tag team division, who will step up?
dean ambroseDean Ambrosesmackdown small53red-arrowAmbrose is the one to take the fall out of this tight top 4 this week, after losing to John Cena, who hasn't been "hot" lately, on Smackdown. The Lunatic Fringe should be able to recover, like how he did after losing the Intercontinental title. Speaking of the strap, will Ambrose ever cash in his rematch clause?
Emma Emmadivas logo small67arrow-up-greenEmma had one win and one loss this week, albeit in a tag team match where she was against a very experienced team. The first Australian born diva is currently in her first title reign, but it looks like Nikki Bella is interested in her title. Will Emma handle Nikki, or will Nikki or some other diva steal her nirvana?
Jack SwaggerJack Swaggersmackdown small75red-arrowintercontinental-championThe All-American American drops 2 spots this week due to inactivity. Swagger really doesn't have a contender for his strap, possibly someone like Big Show or Rusev stepping up to the plate, can Swagger hold on? Or will the ring rust that's developing hurt him in the end?
roman reignsRoman Reignsraw small89arrow-up-greenRoman Reigns teamed with Daniel Bryan this week to go up against rival Seth Rollins and other rival Sheamus. Needless to say, Reigns and Bryan won, which makes things interesting yet confusing. Does this win put both of them in title contention? Will they have to fight it out? What will happen next for The Big Dog?
cesaro & kiddCesaro & Kiddraw small910arrow-up-greentag-championTyson Kidd and Cesaro went undefeated this week, beating The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E were teaming) on Main Event. Cesaro and Kidd are owning the Tag Team division on Raw, and there's no definite challenger. Who will step up to face Cesaro and Kidd?
john cena 2015John Cenasmackdown small1011arrow-up-greenThe former Doctor of Thuganomics picked up a HUGE victory this week, beating Royal Rumble winner and former Intercontinental Champion, "The Lunatic Fringe," Dean Ambrose on Smackdown. This is gargantuan for Cena, who has been flying a bit off the radar after winning the Number 30 spot, to get himself back in the Main Event picture. Will Cena seize the opportunity?


11. Neville

12.  Brock Lesnar

13.  Triple H

14. Daniel Bryan

15. Batista


– Bad News Barrett (13)

– The Ascension (15)

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