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All Elite Wrestling: "Big Television Ratings" #45 (TEW2020)

It's the final episode before The House That Always Wins and we're looking to pop a big rating as we put our top stars on the card for one last chance to increase our storyline heat before the PPV. Can we achieve one of our best Dynamites to date?
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AEW Double or Nothing 2021

All Elite Wrestling is heading back to pay-per-view this month with Double or Nothing. This is the third year for the event, which served as AEW's inaugural pay-per-view event in 2019 and has featured some of the young promotion's most exciting moments!
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Wrestlemania Backash

Backlash is once again taking the position of the first major WWE wrestling card to take place after WrestleMania this year. And the wildest part about that development is how both shows are getting mashed together to produce a “new” event altogether – WrestleMania Backlash. Discuss it here!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount

Join us on May 14th live from Madison Square Garden and on the BPZ Network for Chapter V: Paramount!
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    • Welcome To Carnage.     The Tiger squashed Ark Universe with The Jaw Of Tiger before calling out FDS.     Raven says that he’s going to destroy and kill Gunner Flynn and take the IC championship from him next week on carnage in the main event.     Isaiah Carter defeated Max Vlore with the Carter Way in 5:00.     Tom Gladney defeated Epic with the Gladney Knee in 20:00.     In the main event Eno Fujimoto defeated KABU sending him to valor with the god’s splash in 21:00.  
    • Name: Gunner Danielson Age: 20 Nationality: Argentinian Club: Barcelona  Height in cm. 185 Weight: 192 lbs/87 kg Position: ST Role/Play Style: Target Man
    • This weeks NXT UK episode wasn’t too bad it was pretty entertaining to watch the main event was good all and all good show the tag team match was pretty entertaining to watch that was amazing both teams did well. And then Devlin vs Archer wasn’t bad either but next week Devlin will face AKid in an Ironman match that should be fun to watch all tho I’m not sure if AKids career is on the line as it wasn’t confirmed all that I know is that AKid will take on Jordan Devlin in an Ironman match can’t wait to see this brands first Ironman match.
    • Considering it has been ten years since their final big matches, I think that some medium-sized 2K Showcases about Booker T, Kevin Nash, & Jerry Lawler would be pretty cool with Lawler's bringing in some very retro additions to the game such as small Memphis arenas & Terry Funk culminating with his WWE Championship match against The Miz at Elimination Chamber 2011 (plus the Michael Cole stuff as bonus items, playingit can't be worse than the real life version), Nash bringing in some New Generation Era stuff such as his WWE Championship win over Bob Backlund & big matches against Undertaker & Shawn Michaels to his WCW stint as a member of The Outsiders culminating with his Sledgehammer Ladder Match against Triple H at TLC 2011, and Booker bringing in plenty of WCW stuff as part of Harlem Heat & as a singles main eventer, stuff from The Invasion, and his Ruthless Aggression Era run known mostly for King Booker. Ideally, the Booker T showcase would end with his Intercontinental Championship match against Cody Rhodes at TLC 2011 but we could get Theodore Long as a bonus character for Booker representing Team Teddy at WrestleMania 28 and Bad Bunny to further market the Booker T song.
    • PERFECT BLUE (1997) Perfect Blue was a film that I watched in a watch along with Karico’s film club, I haven’t really watched many anime films so I was intrigued to see what I’d think of this one. Another reason I was interested was due to this being directed Satoshi Kun who is highly respected for his work within anime, with one of his most iconic pieces of work being JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. So yeah, I went into this not really knowing much about it but also expecting a good body of work – especially if Karico deemed it worthy of a watch along and it seems he has good taste because I really enjoyed this. This film centres around Mima Krigoe, who is a member of the J-Pop girl band “CHAM!” who makes the decision to fulfil of desire of being a full time actress. People around her such as her manager Rumi Hidaka are opposed to the idea due to how it will change her image of an innocent teen girl but Mima still persists, getting a minor role on a detective drama called “Double Bind” and other small demeaning roles while her former bandmates ride a wave of success following a smash hit. What we see throughout the film to get us hooked is Mima becoming more and more psychologically damaged due to events going on around here such as a deranged fan who writes a diary from her perspective. We watch as Mima has this battle between her new self and her former pop star self, who over time becomes more and more twisted. What really made this film as great as it was is how as a viewer you are left questioning what is truly happening and what is simply an act, or just a figment of Mima’s imagination. So many times, you go from one scenario to it then revealing that that isn’t truly what happened and it just blows you mind as we get to the darker and more twisted part of the film to where you wonder of Mima has truly just lost her mind, or if darker forces are at play. This also links to how the film represents the Japanese media sensation; we have these images of Mima’s stardom with adoring fans and popularity online but then we see her in her tiny apartment that seems so isolated and lonely. Visually the way they show this throughout is brilliant, to make the divide between what is reality and what is within a dream where we see the colour drained out and more face cut-outs to represent Mima moving away from the pop world. Perfect Blue does a great job of mixing the humour and lighter moments with the sinister side of it, playing on the thriller genre as we as the viewers as well as Mima try to unravel the mystery that is occurring in front of her, it leaves you thinking about how we as a society can tend to worship the celebrity lifestyle but how from Mima’s perspective we see the troubles it can bring. It’s a great watch. RATING: 8/10
    • WWE NXT UK Preview, July 29, 2021  
    • Breaking news The Mae Young Classic is back starting at takeover 36!   Stars will be made and new talents will be able to compete in this the winner will face the NXT women’s champion on a takeover in the future matches to be announced on the NXT’s leading up to takeover 36.  
    • Name: Frankel Gervinho   Age: 19   Nationality: Nigerian   Club:Locomotiv Moscow   Height in cm. 192   Weight: 69kg   Position: RW   Role/Play Style: Inside Forward

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