The one night of the year where the superstars in WWE Universe Mode are seeking to get their payback on their bitter rivals is here! The Payback PPV will feature superstars from Smackdown and RAW as they look to capture championship gold and take down their bitter rivals in the process. Superstars will battle it out to have the final say in their rivalries as they look to make an impact in WWE 2k14 Universe Mode.

Which superstars will prosper and achieve their “payback”? Find out when Payback airs exclusively to the BrendenPlayz youtube channel coming soon.





The greatest stable in the history of WWE Universe Mode is currently on life support. At the Money In The Bank PPV in 2013, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Triple H officially formed “The Authority” the group that would take over control of the WWE and rule Monday Night RAW for over 9 months. Brock Lesnar was The Authority’s champion, the “face of the company” and most of all, Triple H’s “Beast”. Brock Lesnar would take the WWE Championship and dominate the company for a period of 9 months, until his title reign was officially stopped by the current WWE Champion and former member of The Authority Randy Orton.

Brock Lesnar was unmatched by anyone else on RAW, no man could stand a chance against The Beast Incarnate, as he went undefeated on PPV 8 consecutive times. Lesnar was given everything by Triple H and Paul Heyman; Money, Power and Success. Their alliance seemed unbreakable and nothing would stop this group from dominating the company for many years to come. However, with Lesnar’s shock loss at Wrestlemania it created decension amongst the group, Triple H began to doubt Lesnars abilities to be the face of his group and Lesnar began to lose trust in Triple H because of this.

The night after Wrestlemania saw Brock Lesnar’s name getting called to be drafted to Smackdown, which would leave Lesnars chances of being the Authoritys Champion looking grim as he would invoke his rematch clause against Orton for Extreme Rules, with this being his one  and only shot of redemption. Brock Lesnar would eventually fall victim to “The Viper” again at Extreme Rules, causing Lesnar to leave RAW and move to the blue brand immediately.

Triple H and Paul Heyman immediately began looking for a replacement, rather than trying to work out a deal to see the beast return to Monday Nights, this causing Lesnar to be frustrated and lead to him snapping. Brock Lesnar had officially been kicked out of the Authority and sent packing to Smackdown without any concern by The Authority what so ever. Lesnar immediately made a big impact in his smackdown debut by knocking off former World Heavyweight Champion Batista in a singles contest, sending a message to The Authority and the Smackdown locker room.

Brock Lesnar wants his payback on The Authority and hes looking to take out the boss, Triple H. Lesnar challenged Brock Lesnar on Smackdown and a week later, Triple H would accept the match and up the ante by making the match a No Holds Barred match. These two former friends now turned rivals will clash at Payback, will Lesnar get his payback or will Triple H prove the world that he made the right decision by sending Lesnar on his way?




The complexity of the World Heavyweight Championship has been turned upside down with the influx on new top leveled stars coming into Friday Night Smackdowns, being the World Heavyweight Champion has never been so challenging. John Cena competed in a fatal four way match at Extreme Rules which saw the Undertaker, CM Punk and then World Champion Batista square off in a ladder match. Batista has won his championship in a hard fought battle at Wrestlemania 30, taking it from Ryback, at the Extreme Rules PPV his title reign was short lived after John Cena snuck in a took the title from the ladder whilst the other three men were distracted.

Batista’s attitude immediately changed as he felt that he was robbed of his championship due to the fatal four way stipulation, Batista wasn’t involved in the ending of the match and straight away wanted his “Payback”. Batista began to be on a personal vendetta to earn his championship back from John Cena, even going as far as brutally attacking Cena post match on Smackdown. The championship began to haunt Batista as he started getting frustrated with losses going against him and he has been unable to build momentum heading into the PPV.

On the other hand, The Undertaker a man that was also in the Extreme Rules PPV match, has begun dominating the Smackdown locker room. The Undertaker has begun forcing his way into title contention with a huge victory over the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on Smackdown four weeks ago and since followed it up by beating the number one contender Batista on Smackdown two weeks ago. Since his comeback to the WWE Undertaker has continued to be impressive and has proven that he deserves his place at the top of the pedestal on Smackdown.

John Cenas career revival has come into fruition after a poor start to 2014. John Cena has turned his career around by winning the World title at Extreme Rules and since then has continued to ride his momentum heading into Payback. John Cena has proven that he deserves his main event spot here on Smackdown and  looks to be back to his best now on the blue brand. However, with the stigma around his victory that it was a ‘fluke’ or ‘right time right place’ type of victory rather than Cena deserving it, John has a point to prove at Payback to the WWE Universe fans.

The champ has his work cut out for him coming into Payback, two of the greats in Universe Mode are looking to take the title away from him, can John Cena overcome the vicious Animal in Batista and the phenom Undertaker?



Randy Orton’s journey to destroying the group he was once apart of Authority has almost come into action, with the WWE Champion taking out the Authority’s champion at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, to capture and retain the WWE Championship. Orton has ruined the plans of the CEO of the WWE Triple H, whom wants to hand pick the WWE Champion for Monday Night RAW and have full control of who represents the WWE as the face of the company. With Orton taking Lesnar out of the title picture and sending him to Friday Night Smackdown, Triple H was in need of a new challenger to step up and take down the champ.

Over the course of two weeks of Monday Night RAW, several Number One Contender matches occured. With Ryback defeating the emerging Roman Reigns to earn his place in the second and final contendership match, he would face Daniel Bryan who defeated Alberto Del Rio. Bryan and Ryback would then meet in in the Main Event of RAW,  where the former “King of Smackdown” would defeat Bryan to earn his place in the Payback match against Randy Orton.

Despite this victory, the biggest talking point coming out of this match was the appearance of RAW General Manager and CEO Triple H at the aftermath of the Ryback vs Daniel Bryan Match-up. Ryback would leave the ring and would have his arm raised and would gain praise from the Authority and it would seem as though Ryback had joined the Authority officially despite working with them in the past whilst on Smackdown.

Is this the last roll of the dice for the Authority at Payback? Can their new member in Ryback defeat Randy Orton and bring the title back in the hands of the Authority, or will the WWE Champion and the Viper knock off Ryback and continue his dominance over the Authority and come one step closer to bringing the group to its demise.

US Title




The complexity of Monday Night RAW has dramatically changed with an influx of brand new talent coming in from Smackdown, has shaken up the RAW roster and also given the current United States Champion Big E many new potential opponents for his United States Championship. Big E has been an all star here on RAW with a two US title reigns spanning over the course of five months here on RAW. Big E has plowed through all the competition on RAW and continued to dominate the division, but perhaps his toughest challenge is ahead of him at the Payback PPV.

At Extreme Rules Big E defended his championship against the “Show Off” Dolph Ziggler who won a number one contenders match against bitter rival Cesaro. Cesaro was given the role of Special Guest Referee in the match and wasn’t unfavourable to Ziggler. Big E managed to hit his finishing manoeuvre “The Big Ending” but it was thanks to a fast count by referee Cesaro that caused Big E to pick up the tainted victory. Ziggler would vow to get his revenge on Cesaro but would have to wait until this past week on RAW where he and Cesaro would go one on one, however it was Cesaro who received the last laugh.

Seth Rollins has been criticized by many of the WWE Universe Mode fans, with fans stating that he was “lucky” to be put in this match at Payback. The former tag team champion, decided it was time to move on from the tag team division and venture out for singles gold, with he and partner Roman Reigns mutually agreeing to split as a tag team for the time being. Rollins immediately was thrown into the deep end taking on both Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro in a triple threat match, which saw Ziggler pinning Rollins to pick up the victory. Rollins however would redeem himself later on by winning against Ziggler the next week on RAW to throw his name in the hat for the title match at Payback.

Two bitter rivals in Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro will be looking to take eachother out, compared to Big E who is looking to survive one more night as champion and Seth Rollins wants to kick off his singles career in style with a win at Payback. Can the champ continue his dominance with yet another victory on PPV?

wwe tag title



The tag team division has given a major shakeup with the split into two different championship belts now occurring and new teams coming together. An example of these two new teams are in this match, The Charisma Code and Celtic Thunder. The Charisma Code created a major buzz when they knocked off the most successful tag team in the history of Universe Mode when they defeated The Shield at Extreme Rules. The ‘Code came together after a mutual agreement that they were going to take over RAW after being drafted from Smackdown. These two all stars eventually gravitated to the tag team title picture and were immediately successful in their venture to gold.

Rob Van Dam (RVD) and Sheamus have a mutual respect for one another, both men having decent success throughout Universe Mode but find them selves stuck in a difficult situation on RAW. The singles competition has been overloaded with an abundance of top tier talent, because of this Sheamus and RVD have slipped down the ranks of the contendership for singles championship gold. Sheamus and RVD have come together to tackle the tag team division, a division thats arguably lacking in teams on Monday Nights.

The signs weren’t great for these two fan favourites as they immediately lost their first match up as a team against the very team they face at Payback the Charisma Code. Christian and Jericho have begun to hold a dominant grip on the division on RAW, after dispatching The Shield, it looks as though The Charisma Code are on the verge of holding the tag team championships for a long time. However, Sheamus and RVD bounced back on RAW after to many would say being handed an opportunity to be in the number one contenders match for the tag team titles against Truth & Consequences. RVD and Sheamus would defeat T&C and would move on to earn their rematch against the Charisma Code at Payback.

Can the new dubbed “Celtic Thunder” become the faces of the tag team division as they look to battle the unforgiving Charisma Code at Payback?

IC title



CM Punks road to recovery continues as he meets the World Strongest Man Mark Henry at Payback. Punk, a former WWE Champion in universe mode, has been on a downward spiral for an extended period of time on RAW, but ever since he was drafted to Smackdown he has had a career resurgence.

Mark Henry is the only man in Universe Mode who has held two different singles titles, the World Heavyweight Championship and now the Intercontinental Championship. Mark Henry has been one of the most successful superstars in Universe Mode, on top of the two title wins he is also a Money in the Bank winner. Henry continued his dominance by winning the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania 30 and then successfully defending it against Wade Barrett at Extreme Rules. On a recent episode of Smackdown, Henry was defeated by CM Punk in a singles contest, to allow Punk to enter the Intercontinental title frame.

Punk would move on to face Kofi Kingston who won a fatal four way contest to earn his way into the picture, Punk and Kingston would battle in a back and forth contest with Punk getting the better of Kingston and winning the match and earning the right to face Henry at Payback.

Can Mark Henry continue his dominance in the WWE on the blue brand, or will Punk continue to resurge back into the title scene and win his first championship belt since Extreme Rules 2013?

divas title



The Divas division has had the most title changes out of all this divisions in Universe Mode. Many divas have come and gone, some finding success and others falling down the ladder and on their way out of the series. One of the most successful divas however, has been the current Divas Champion Aksana.  Aksana had an impressive finish to the 2013 year and emerged as a likely contender for the championship heading into the new year. Aksana successfully won the championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV and held onto the title until the RAW after Wrestlemania 30, where she fell victim to the numbers game by losing the title in a Fatal Four Way Match to Naomi. Aksana would continue to persevere and prove she deserves to be the top diva in the WWE by beating Naomi and winning back her title belt at Extreme Rules.

Success has not been a phrase to summarize Paige’s WWE Universe Mode career. Paige debuted in the series long ago, but has been a figure of imagination on Universe Mode with her appearances on the series being few and far between. Paige however reemerged after Wrestlemania 30 to fight her way back into the division. She however was unsuccessful in her early endeavors to win over the fans and her critics in the early stages of her comeback, however post Extreme Rules a fire was lit under Paige. Paige would go on a 5 match winning streak, winning a triple threat match, beating the Divas Champion Aksana in singles competition and also knocking off the former divas champion Naomi and her counter-part Cameron in separate occasions. Paige would ultimately earn the right to compete for the championship at Payback over Naomi with her victory over her on RAW in a number one contenders match, surprising many of the WWE Universe Mode fans.

At Payback, Paiges career resurgence could win her championship gold as she battles Aksana in the biggest match thus far in her Universe Mode career. Will Paige be bound for glory, or will the divas champion prove to be too strong once again?

world tag title



At Wrestlemania 30 the tag team division was given a major shake up with the announcement that Smackdown will be introducing its own separate tag team championship, creating a brand split among the tag teams in the WWE. With the inaugural champions being announced at Extreme Rules. Teams on Smackdown battled back and forth to secure their spot at the top of the new division on the blue brand via a series of matches over the course of four weeks heading into Extreme Rules. Two teams emerged as the new contenders, The Prime Time Players who are former WWE Tag Team Champions in their own right faced the former World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and his partner Rey Mysterio.

The tag titles were decided in a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules, the team twos battled back and forth for over half a hour inside the cage with Titus O’Neil and Big Show being the last two men standing in the match. This saw these two behemoths go to war, but Titus O’Neil would pick his spot and escape the cage to win the World Tag Team Championships for his team, with the two becoming two time tag team champions and the first ever World Tag Team Champions in Universe Mode.

The build up towards Payback saw Big Show & Rey Mysterio continue to dominate the other teams in the tag team division, as they earned the right to once again contend for the World Tag Team Championships against the new champions Prime Time Players at Payback.

Can The Big Show & Rey Mysterio earn their Payback against the new champs, by taking their titles away from them at Payback? Or will one of the greatest teams in Universe Mode continue to reign supreme by defending their newly won World Tag Team Championships?

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