Six of the best superstars in the WWE will step in the ring at the Money in the Bank PPV, some new, some old, but all six are looking to become the World Champion and with a win in the Money in the Bank ladder match, they will get that opportunity at any time they wish. Last years event we saw an unlikely winner, with Mark Henry emerging victorious despite being written off as the least likely to win the match. Henry would prove the critics wrong and go on to win Money in the Bank and cash in successfully only five days later to become the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in the series.

A similar scenario may occur once again, with Rusev and Ryback struggling in recent times to get victories up their sleeve. Dolph Ziggler has had an up and down number of months and Bad News Barrett has failed to move into the Main Event division on Smackdown. Arguably, the only superstar coming into Money in the Bank with a full head of steam is the man that has failed to win “the big one” Chris Jericho. Jericho recently beat the WWE Champion Randy Orton in a one on one match on episode 1 of WWE 2k15 Universe Mode. Jericho recently had a rematch with Orton and he failed to make it two from two, however it took 3 “RKOs” by Orton to win the match, making Jericho a hard proposition to deal with at the Money in the Bank PPV.

All six superstars need to win this match to revive their careers, however only one  can become “Mr. Money in the Bank”. Who will it be?




A war between two of the greatest of all time, will finally come full circle as they two men Randy Orton and Triple H will finally step in the ring and face one another at t Money in the Bank PPV. In a battle, fueled with jealousy and hatred, these two men have had a war of words for many months and now, the words will be put to bed, and inside the squared circle, only one man remain and the other will perish.

This story begins at the Survivor Series PPV, which saw Randy Ortons triumph return after being “fired” from the WWE for a five month period of time. Triple H brought Randy Orton back as his surprise partner for the 3 on 3 Survivor Series match against “Team People. Which saw the Authority claim their first major victory as a stable in what would lead to a dominant reign by the group for many months to come. With his return, Orton was under the impression that he would be sent to Smackdown, to become the face of the blue brand whilst Brock Lesnar was the face of Monday Nights. Orton was instead given a managerial role, he became the new Smackdown General Manager which he dealt with and performed an excellent job for a number of weeks but that itch to return to the ring was something he couldn’t overcome.

Orton would make his return to the ring at the Royal Rumble, he would use his power that he had as an authority figure to grant himself the #30 spot in the match, in which he would eliminate Batista to win the match and would then Main Event Wrestlemania 30. In a turn of events, Randy would decide not to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, instead he would come after The Authoritys Brock Lesnar and would disband himself from the group, vowing to take down the Authority one by one until he would beat the boss Triple H himself once and for all. Randy would defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and at Extreme Rules.

Randy Orton has continued his rampage by destroying opponent after opponent that Triple H has made him face, Randy has beaten the entire RAW locker room and has backed Triple H into a corner and has given him no choice but to face Orton himself to win the championship back for The Authority. Triple H has yet to be defeated in the series, with victories over The Rock and Brock Lesnar. Can The Game step back into the ring and stop Randy Orton from ending the Authority and send Randy packing?

It is do or die, the loser will lose their job. Orton will join arch nemesis “The Rock” on the side lines and will be fired, Triple H will lose all power and Authority. These two legends will finally lock horns in one of the most anticipated matches in Universe Mode history, at Money in the Bank.





In the last couple of months, Smackdown has seen some of the greatest talent to ever grace the WWE Universe Mode ring, fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. But two men have reigned surpreme in their endeavours to be the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena and The Undertaker. Both men have battled it out in recent weeks in attempts to capture the top spot on Friday Nights, trading victories back and forth whilst continuing to fend off the other emerging superstars.

John Cenas redemption has been one of the best we have seen throughout the series, his long run of losses on RAW seems to have made John more vulnerable, but his resilience has overcome that vulnerability to make him now a three time world champion on Universe Mode. John has put his darker days behind him and has now prospered in the new change of scenerary, with two World Heavyweight Championship victories in the past three months. However, what has plagued John Cenas recent success has been his inability to retain his dominance, as a loss at Payback saw John Cena lose his World Championship to his Money in the Bank opponent The Undertaker. Cena was able to regain his championship at the recent Bragging Rights PPV, dispelling the discussion that his best days are now behind him and his World Title win at Payback was a fluke.  Now John Cena faces the legendary Undertaker, the man who continues to defy age and continue to reign supreme at the top of the card and continues to win high profile matches.

The Deadman’s return to Smackdown has silenced many critics as he has continued to be the ruler of the yard and one of the top faces on Smackdown. The Undertaker however has recently begun to slip, with multiple losses coming next to his name against John Cena, Bad News Barrett and others. The Undertaker has done enough to garner a rematch at Money in the Bank for the championship he recently lost, but with the Undertakers recent downfall, the question remains. Can the Undertaker win one more big match against the best Smackdown has to offer?




The divas division has been shaken up with the news of Paige’s recent absence from the division. With her future unknown, the fight to become the next diva in line for Paiges championship has come into full force over the past 4 weeks of Universe Mode. The top 6 divas in the division have all earned the right to become the Number One Contender and there is no better way to settle the match than at the Money in the Bank PPV in a ladder match!  Three former champions of Brie Bella, AJ Lee and Naomi will all be in this ladder match among three divas in Tamina Snuka, Nikki Bella and Natalya who have all shown promise over the past number of months over the course of various divas matches against one another.

Paige has recently dominated the division, but with her exile it is time for a new diva to take the division by storm. Paige’s championship reign could be in major jeopardy and one of these six divas could be the diva to end the reign of Paige at an upcoming PPV. Which diva will it be?



The second coming of Bray Wyatt is in full force, with his recent run heading into Money In The Bank, has made him perhaps one of the most dominating and threatening superstar on the Smackdown roster. Bray Wyatt has been floundering around for many months, with many unsuccessful attempts to capture championship gold and attain high level status on the Smackdown brand. Wyatt, has continued to persevere and has seem to found his niche in recent weeks with big victories against various opponents, which has moved him up the ranks. Wyatt has been joined by his associates, in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan who have been running rampart on the Smackdown locker room, taking out every superstar in their path to glory. Is the next victim the Intercontinental Champion CM Punk?

Punk has gone from a former WWE champion struggling to hang onto his past glory to rediscovering his greatness on the blue brand in the past number of months and has gone on to capture his first championship since the inaugural episode of WWE Universe Mode. His recent victories over Mark Henry has sent a strong message to the doubters that Punk is back and he is here to stay at the top of his game. Punk has been unsuccessful in capturing the World Heavyweight Championship but has continued to work hard to remain at the top with the Intercontinental Championship. However, a recent major loss at the Bragging Rights PPV could leave Punk vulnerable to an unstoppable Bray Wyatt and may leave him to his demise if he cannot turn it around at the Money in the Bank PPV.

Two of the best on the blue brand will battle it out in what is sure to be a classic match for the Intercontinental Championship. The reemergence of Bray Wyatt could prove to much for the reigning Intercontinental Champion who still has a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove that he is still the Best in the World. Who will walk with the gold?




Throughout the WWE Universe Mode series we have seen many superstars achieve their potential and capture championship gold on multiple occasions, however some of the superstars in the series have failed to register the scoreboard and have nothing to show for their accomplishments in the series, a prime example of this is Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose, a pivotal part of the Shields success but not as the man capturing the gold but as their sideline supporter. Ambrose watched his team mates Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns capture tag team gold on two seperate occasions, dominating the entire WWE Tag Team division and becomming two of the most popular and successful superstars in the series. Meanwhile, Ambrose would struggle away in hopes to capture a singles championship, but would continue to remain in close contention without ever troubling the champions.

With the recent split of The Shield we have now seen all three members of The Shield move into the singles division on RAW. Seth Rollins immediately was thrown into title contention and at the Payback PPV he was able to capture his first singles championship in the United States Championship. Seth would continue to prove his worth by defeating CM Punk at the recent Bragging Rights PPV, completing his successful singles debut and proving that his victory wasn’t a fluke. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns has also prospered by  moving in the WWE Championship scene.

So with all this success from Reigns & Rollins, Dean Ambrose once again finds himself directionless. Ambrose however has recently started to pick up his game with major victories all throughout RAW and Main Event including a win over Roman Reigns. However, Ambrose had the opportunity to capture the United States Championship against Seth Rollins in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Seth Rollins would successfully retain his championship on that occassion. The tow would meet again soon after in a non title match. Rollins would once again defeat Ambrose. However, Ambrose continued to prove that he deserves one more chance with big wins on RAW and Main Event and continuing to dominate every other superstar except for the champion Rollins.

Now the two will meet one more time at the Money in the Bank PPV. Thanks to the WWE Universe Mode fans for voting on the website, a Steel Cage will lock these two inside and we will finally see if Ambrose is good enough to become a singles champion as he meets Seth Rollins for once last time for the United States Championship.



The Smackdown tag team division has been home to the top tag teams in WWE Universe Mode since its introduction after Wrestlemania. The leader of the pack has been the World Tag Team Champions Mysterishow since Payback after they were able to capture the gold and sucessfully defend their championships against strong challengers such as The Prime Time Players. Mysterishow were able to prove their worth as well by defeating WWE Tag Team Champions The Celtic Thunder at Bragging Rights as well.  But with their success it has placed a massive target on their backs and the tag team division has thrived and with that has emerged the second coming of The Wyatt Family.

The Wyatt Family have turned around a horrid number of months to come back into title contention with victories over all major tag teams on Smackdown. They have dominated the division like no other and have continued to remain at the top of their game and come into the PPV with a large amount of momentum behind them. Erick Rowan however, has recently turned his attention to Batista, whom he attacked on multiple occasions in the lead up to Money in the Bank. Perhaps, Rowans mind set hasn’t  been as focused on the World Tag Team match as much as it should be which could lead to their demise. The possibility of Batista getting involved as well could also cost The Wyatt Family, so outside interference is certainly going to pay a part in this match regardless, as Bray Wyatt will be ringside for the Wyatts.

This is truly a battle between the best of the best, Th Wyatt Family and Mysterishow have dominated for weeks, its time for these two teams to clash at Money in the Bank as we find out who is the best tag team on Smackdown.





The Celtic Thunder has been blessed in recent months with the recent break up of The Shield and the confusion around the Charisma Codes future with Christian currently injured. The Celtic Thunder have been able to take a back seat and watch from the locker room as the young and up and coming teams try and blossom in hopes to carry their momentum into a championship opportunity. RAWs tag team division has recently suffered greatly, but the emergence of a new team of The New Day has burst onto the scene and has taken RAW by storm.

The New Day, consisting of the longest reigning former United States Champion Big E, multiple time Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston and their manager Xavier Woods have immediately made a major impact on RAW. Their introduction to Monday Night RAW was brought a upon with an upsetting victory of current WWE Tag Team Champions and their Money in the Bank opponents The Celtic Thunder. They continued to surprise many and earn their championship opportunity with a number one contenders match victory against Gold & Stardust on a recent episode of Monday Night RAW.

The New Days introduction to RAW has given the tag team division new life, but it also poses a major threat to the Celtic Thunders championships at Money in the Bank. Can The New Day complete an impressive tag team run by coming away with the tag team championships?

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